9 car maintenance checks you should do regularly


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Take good care of your car to ensure your safety when travelling.

As widely advised by car experts, drivers should take regular care of their cars in order to keep themselves and others safe on the road. A research shows that a lot of injuries or accidents are due to very simple maintenance issues. In this article, Naijauto would like to recommend top 9 car safety checks you should take on a regular basis.

Engine oils

Engine oils

Engine oils are known as the car’s lifeblood

Engine oils are known as the car’s lifeblood which help car’s engine run smoothly. Checking the oil is very simple that anyone can do themselves. Just pull out the dipstick and then see where the oil level falls at. If it calls for an oil change, have a car mechanic do it. As one of the most essential vehicle maintenance procedures, oil changes should be completed following the guidance of the auto manufacturer.

Tire Pressure

the tire-pressure gauge

Improper inflation can result in tyre explosion

There is a useful tool named the tire-pressure gauge which helps drivers easily measure the pressure in the tyres. This tool is very cheap, easy to use and you can buy it at any auto store on the street. Similar to checking the oil, the driver can check their tire pressure on their own using a tire-pressure gauge. The improper tyre inflation not only results in tyre explosion but also affect fuel efficiency, leading to dangerous accidents on the road. Do spend some time to check the tire pressure regularly and make sure the tires get proper pressure.

The braking system

The braking system

Take care of your brakes to avoid screeching sound

Take care of your brakes to avoid screeching sound, a signal of old brake pads. The braking system is an extremely important part as it helps you stop the car and prevent accidents during traveling. Car experts advise that it should be checked by a pro as a part of frequent maintenance.

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Power steering fluid

Power steering fluid

It’s very necessary to usually check the power steering fluid

Like the oil change, it’s very necessary to usually check the power steering fluid. Without this fluid, the power steering can be damaged leading to difficulty in controlling the car. Any driver is able to check and refill the fluid by themselves, so make it a habit to do that.

Vehicle alignment

Car alignment

Car alignment is extremely important for the car's performance

Car alignment is extremely important for the car's performance. It prolongs the tire’s lifespan and helps drivers control their car. In addition, the alignment also makes drivers feel safe and comfortable on the road. Therefore, before the vehicle is misaligned, get it looked at regularly.

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The tread on tyres

checking the tire tread

Make it a habit to check the tire tread to ensure your safety

Make it a habit to check the tire tread to ensure your safety, especially when driving in bad condition like in wet and slippery weather. The tread prevents the car from skidding on the road. Check the tread regularly to make sure it has no damage such as odd lumps or bulges which might cause a blowout or slipping.

Air filters

An air filter

If the air filter is blocked, it will badly affect fuel consumption

When the air filter is blocked, it badly affects fuel consumption. It costs just a little money to have it checked or replaced if necessary. What’s more, many automobile repair shops will check your air filter for free if you change the engine oil there.

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Automatic transmission fluid

Car transmission

Make sure the automatic transmission fluid is at the right level

Check the transmission fluid to make sure it is always at the right level or change it if needed. That ensures the car run smoothly as well as helps you handle the car more easily.

Car lights

The lighting system including turn signals, reverse lights, brake lights and headlights is very important. Even one of them doesn’t work, the driver might be put at risk during the travel. The lighting system allows other cars recognize you on the road, thereby preventing accidents. Don’t forget to regularly check all the lights to have safe journeys.

Car headlights

The lighting system allows other cars to recognize you on the road 

Having a car well maintained not only keeps the driver safe but also saves fixing costs and prolong the car's lifespan. Make sure you always have the above part checked or replaced as needed. Last but not least, usually updating car maintenance tips on Naijauto.com is surely of great help.

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