7 ways to prevent car fires in scorching summer


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Here are 10 ways to help prevent overheating in cars on hot summer days.

1. Regular car maintenance

The majority of car fires are caused by broken electrical circuits, electric wires melting from heat and short-circuits. Therefore, to prevent fire and explosion, regularly have the car's electrical system serviced by professionals.

2. Close the fuel tank cap tightly

If the lid of the gas tank is loose, then the flame will flare up when the engine is started. A leaking fuel pipe or a spark from a hot battery will cause a fire. Therefore, check carefully before starting the machine.

a fuel cap

Always to squeeze it really hard before closing the outside lid

3. Bring a fire extinguisher

Always leave the fire extinguisher in the vehicle and use it in the event of a fire. Even if you extinguish the fire, do not continue driving. Call the rescue team for them to come and check.

a fire extinguisher

This can put out the fire put does not prevent it from happening again, call for help afterward

4. Do not pimp the car with too many external electrical accessories  

Overloaded batteries can cause the vehicle to burn from within, so it is advisable to narrow down the installation of fancy lights, sound systems, and other electronic systems.

5. Do not smoke in the car

Do not smoke in cars due to fire from cigarettes can fall into the car and under hot temperatures, it will quickly burst into flames. If you notice any unusual smoke, pull over to the side of the road and get out of the car to check.

6. Use proper compressed gas

One of the main cause of car burning is the alternative compressed gas. Go to state-licensed stores if you are intended to switch from liquid to gas.

7. Do not store fragrant spray or perfume in the car

Bottles of fragrant perfume or sprays are prone to bursting at high temperatures, so do not leave them on the dashboard in the hot summer months, or ideally leave them at home.

8. In the event that a fire happens, remember the following things

Do not open the hood

Do not open the hood if there is a fire under the bonnet as this will cause more oxygen-rich air to enter the fire, thus making it burns more fiercely.

a car on fire

It is critical not to open the car hood

Do not bother the belongings

Most of the casualties recorded in car fires because of the owners trying to get the most out of the car by taking out as many belongings as possible. Remember a car on fire can explode at any time or it can burn deep to cause severe burns to you.

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