7 useful car accessories under ₦6,000 in Nigeria

Let's spruce up your beloved vehicle with the following 7 cool accessories. What's cooler is that each won't cost you more than ₦6,000!
Auto accessories play an important role in smartening up a car and making it look cooler. These supplementary components improve the utility of a car and are very significant in car maintenance process. 

Depending on different purposes, hobbies and needs, car owners will make a choice in a sea of car accessories today. However, the price of those is also an issue should be considered before buying.
Naijauto team will show you a list of 7 useful auto accessories that have very low prices - under N6,000 but are still awesome.

1. Car scratch filler

Price: ₦500 - ₦600
Car scratch filler is a must-have item for every car owner. Your car got scratched while you were trying to fit in a small parking slot. It is just a small scratch that you won't want to go the whole way to a service center to get it fixed. But you also find it annoying to leave it there on your flawless vehicle. A scartch repair stick will get the job done in less than 5 minutes. Your car will be immediately shiny and beautiful again.
 Car scratch fillers

There are a variety of scratch repair fillers available on the market priced from ₦500 to ₦600

2. Blind spot mirrors

Price: 600 - 750

A blind spot is an indispensable car part offering driver an extended vision and a good response to surrouding vehicles, avoiding crashes on the road.
Blind spot mirror

A blind spot is an indispensable car part

3. Anti-sleep alarm

Price: 2,200
An anti-sleep alarm, as its name indicates, will send an alarm to prevent you from dozing off behind the steering wheel everytime you tend to fall asleep and nod your head. This tool is particularly useful when you have to drive during nighttime or take a long-hour driving trip.
 Anti-sleep alarm

You will wear it on your ear and the device will send an alarm if you tend to fall asleep and nod your head

4. Car inverter

Price: 4,000 - 4,500

This tool will give you a peace of mind with your laptop's or phone’s battery. You can set it in your car to charge your appliances while driving without worrying about the batery flat. 
 car inverter

This tool will make you have a peace of mind with your laptop or phone’s battery

5. Multi-USB charger

Price: 900 - 1000 
The device allows up to 3 input USB chargers which are very useful for drivers, especially those who need to charge their appliances on the go.
Multi-USB charger 

The device allows up to 3 input USB charger which is a very useful for drivers

6. Whistle key finder

Price: 500 - 600 
You won’t realize the importance of the whistle key finder until you lose or misplace your key. You have to attach your key to this device and when you need to find the key, the key finder will show you the position of your key via beeping sound and red blinking light as soon as you whistle.

7. Portable car inflator

Price: about 6,000 
A flat tire is a terrible fear of every driver. But now, you no longer have to experience this bad situation if you have a portable car inflator. It is more convenient when you can hook the device up with your battery or any 12 volts source and it will take you just 5 minutes to make your tyre inflated again.
Portable car inflator

It will take you just 5 minutes to make yur tyre inflated again

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