7 unusual causes of deadly car accidents that can easily happen to you


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There are obvious causes of deadly car accidents and these are causes that we least expect to lead to accidents. Read on to discover.

You drive and ride in a car every day with hopes that not even the slightest accident will happen because the things to do after car accidents usually involve a lot of stress and expenses or in a worse scenario, it can even take your life away.


I am sure nobody wants to have a car accident

There are 7 unusual causes of deadly car accidents that can easily happen to you and I want you to carefully learn these deadly things so that you never fall victim to a car accident and end up saying "wow, I didn't know that could cause an accident". 

7 unusual causes of deadly car accidents that can easily happen to you

1. Bottle of water in a car 

That bottle of water/drink that you use to quench your thirst while driving can lead to a very serious car accident for you and here is how.

Whenever you drop a bottle around the floor area of the driver's area of the car, it rolls as you drive and there is a high possibility that it rolls behind the brake pedal of your car.


That bottle of water is less than ₦100 and it can wreck your car

When this bottle gets stuck behind your brake pedal, you won't know because your attention is not in any way conscious of an ordinary bottle that you dropped on the floor.

When you need to brake during an emergency, the bottle behind the pedal makes you pedal get stuck and braking will be impossible. You cannot stop when you have to and that can only mean one thing: your life is at risk.


Never drop any bottles and shoes around the driving area too

There is a reason cars have cupholders and this is why. Always use cupholders to hold in place every bottle you use. If the bottle is bigger than your car's cup holder then you can keep it around anywhere else except the driver's compartment.

Dropping shoes in this area of your car can also cause an accident in the same way as a bottle. When you take your shoes off, keep them in the back seat area to avoid sad stories.

2. Driving normally in the rain 

Once it is raining, you should automatically reduce the rate at which you drive by 50 per cent because the floor is now wet. You cannot be driving normally because you are also finding it difficult to see.


Driving in the rain requires maximum patience

It is difficult for cars to stop when the floor is wet and this has been a cause for a lot of accidents on our roads. No matter how experienced you are with driving, you cannot control the hazards that come with driving under the rain. 


Cars skid easily when it is raining

If you are driving on unfamiliar roads which are covered with big potholes and rain, you should be much more careful; otherwise, your car can get stuck there or cause an accident.

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3. Tailgating

Tailgating is a bad habit of drivers where a driver drives so close to the car ahead just like it is a car race competition.


Tailgating is all fun till you smash into another car

You might think that tailgating is a way to show you are a professional driver. I am sorry, it is a very unprofessional way of driving and it is very likely to cause accidents.

When you tailgate the driver/car ahead of you, you have limited your reaction time if the car ahead of you suddenly stops. If an accident happens, you will be held responsible by law as the guilty driver. 


E don happen!

Also, tailgating makes it almost impossible for you as a driver to navigate bad spots on the road because you won't even see it coming. 

4. Animal crossing

A lot of drivers in Nigeria don't know how dangerous running into an animal can get. Along the Ibadan Expressway for example, cows cross the express sometimes during afternoons and you can only slam your brakes immediately you sight them.


Do not underestimate the impact an animal can have on your car

There is no point driving up close if the animals haven't fully crossed. Animals have brains but they don't know what a car is.

When you keep moving as animals cross the road, the animals can decide to run into your car and destroy it if they have the strength for that.  

5. Arguing with a backseat rider 

In the morning of December 28th of 2017, I was in a Lagos State public transport 'danfo' when the driver got into a hot argument with a female passenger about not having the correct fare for the bus ride and it got dirty.

The driver faced the rear and was screaming when the bus ran over a concrete slab that was placed on the side of the road.


Arguing with anyone behind the wheels is such a dangerous thing to do; avoid it as much as you can

This explains it all, you as a driver should never engage in arguments especially with rear-seat passengers because it could trigger you to lose focus and turn around. So leave arguments till when you are parked.

6. Reversing without mirrors

It is very tempting and convenient for you to reverse your car without looking into the side mirrors and just using your jurisdiction and that is totally unacceptable.

You are supposed to draw your predictions for movement as you look into the side mirror while reversing. The moment you reverse without mirrors, it is like you have gone blind and anything can happen; including accidents.

Parking while reversing with ease in cramped spaces can only be made possible by using the side and rearview mirrors.

7. Driving without lights at night

This is as simple as it sounds. Driving without lights at night can cause for drivers because it is also a perfect description of driving blind as in reversing without side mirrors.


Driving at night without lights is dangerous to all


Now that you know the 7 unusual causes of deadly car accidents, we are hoping you will take heed and prevent accidents at all costs. For more car tips and advice like this, please stay tuned with us on Naijauto.com!




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