7 tricks to make your car outshine your neighbour's


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Let us be honest, these are not some sort of super-ultra extra-mysterious stuff. Most of them are so simple and can be summarized as: Keep it clean!

They are basic and straightforward tips that maybe you already know how to do but refuse simply because we don't have "time" for it. Well, guess what, if you don't take care of it, it will not save your face when the "time" comes, or you'll have to pay extra thousand Nairas for the stuff that you could've done on your own.

1. Periodically wash your car

We all try to save our money by waiting until our car is covered in a thick layer of dust and all sorts of animal feces and wastes. You may argue you don't have to go to events so often that regular bathing your car becomes that necessary. Or you are absolutely willing to wash it when needed. While it sounds like a reasonable argument, leaving all those filthy stuff on your car would actually damage the paint and the only way to fix this problem is to repaint the whole car. 

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two people washing cars

Don't let your car covered in dirt before washing. Do it periodically.

2. Put on a layer of wax

This is a relatively simple method but can do your car wonder. While it won't be like a hard shield to defend against serious impacts, it will prevent minor scratches and maintain the feature of the paint. If applied properly, a wax layer can last for several months. 

3. Park it under the shade

The method is pretty obvious. The next time you park, remember to drive into a garage, a parking area with roof or a shady spot; otherwise, the paint would fade rather quickly. You wouldn't want faded spots damaging the aesthetic look of the car, would you?

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a car in the sun

The Ultraviolet from the sun will fade the color of your paint

4. Always use specialized soaps

I can't remember how many times I've seen someone washing their car with dish soaps or even floor cleaning liquid. While it's more convenient that way, it will damage the quality of the paint more quickly than any other harm. Refer to your car manual carefully and buy it specialized soap.

5. Remove seemingly harmless things on the windshield

These things will gradually accumulate then prevent water from draining out of the windscreen, making your car smelly. Things like old leaves, dirt debris are stuff that you have to get rid of here.

6. Tire maintenance

In addition to keeping your tires regularly inflated to protect the rims, if you want your tires to look black and new, you can apply some tire shining spray to them. To make sure every component on your car outshines that of your neighbor, you should be more detail-oriented, starting from all car tires.

before and after picture of tire shine spraying

Just a bottle of tire shining spray is good enough

7. Damage control

If you start a bit too late and the paint layer is already damaged somewhere on the casing. In that case, the exposed bodywork might be oxidized. Get it fixed soon before it spread out to the whole car body.

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