7 tools you must have in your garage in Nigeria

Posted by: Testimony Olajire

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When it comes to your car and its maintenance, it is not every time you should be running to your mechanic’s shop. There are at least some basic things that you can do yourself. This would help you save extra costs and even some time. 

There are so many listed online, we know. But this list is specific to Nigeria. Based on our environment, there are some things that you cannot do without and are a necessity in your garage.

Fixing basic things in your car is not as difficult as you think and with these tools, you would be ready to do justice to your car as the need arises. 

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1. Spanner or wrench set

In Nigeria, this tool is more popularly called a spanner.

It’s the tush people that call it ‘wrenches’.

The thing sef no sweet for mouth!


Losing nuts and bolts come most easily with spanners or wrenches

Enough of carrying one spanner or using knives to loosen bolts. Please, get a spanner set! Spanners usually have one open-ended site and a ratcheting box which can be used for so many things from removing your battery to removing other tyre nuts. Spanners save time and are very easy to use. The advantage of getting a set is that you would be able to use different sizes for different nut sizes. 

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2. A screwdriver set

This is very important. There would be days you would need to remove a screw and this set would be needed then. The larger ones can serve as a flathead and prying tool, while the smaller screwdrivers would be useful if you have to do some electrical work. Some of them typically are able to test for the presence of electricity when they make contact. They are usually called ‘Testers’ in Nigeria. Again, please do not go about using knives to loosen screws! Please get a screwdriver set!

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No matter you are driving or riding, a screwdriver set is always a very handy and useful lifesaver

3. Lubricant and coolant

This is very important in your garage. There are several mechanical parts in a car that would keep moving as you use your vehicle. You must regularly change the lubricant present in these parts. The most important are the brake fluid, the engine oil, and the transmission fluid. You should actually always check these everyday before taking your car out and if any of them are depleted, you should top up before leaving. If these items are missing from your garage, you might not even remember to check and even if you do, you would not be able to do anything about it. 


With timely topped-up lubricant, your car parts perform at its best

Na so some cars dey knock!

Your car might also need coolant for the engine. You should have it in your garage.

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4. Tyre changing equipment

These include a jack, a lug wrench and, of course, a spare tyre. In Nigeria, we would have to change our tyres very often because of the bad roads we drive on. So tyre changing equipment are a must for you. There are two types of jacks: The scissor jack and the bottle jack. The scissor jack is very common in Nigeria and uses a mechanical scissor mechanism to elevate the car. It is also more compact than the bottle jack which uses a hydraulic mechanism to lift the car.


At the middle of nowhere with a malfunctioning tire is stressful

Some people are confused about the lug wrench. Let me explain it to you:

That tool has a cross shape that they use to remove the nuts from the tyre. Yes! Na him be that!

A lug wrench would give you a mechanical advantage which is dependent on its length. The longer it is, the more the force you can apply and subsequently, the faster the nut is removed. 

Yes and a spare tyre. 

A spare tyre is a tyre that is spare, simple!

You need these tools because you might just wake up one day to go out and you find out you have a flat tyre. It happens a lot, so you need these tools.

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5. Towels and cleaners

Everyone is supposed to have a cleaning agent; a car-paint friendly soap that would easily wipe off stains while having no effect on your paint. You should also have a very good towel that would not fray when you use it. Microfibre towels are one of the best when it comes to cleaning. In cleaning, fraying can be very annoying; as you are cleaning the car, the towel leaves these little particles that still make the car look dirty, so get good microfibre towels. Of course you know you would need water right? For cleaning, and your radiator too.

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6. Pliers

From gripping things to wire cutting in electrical work, pliers are important pieces of equipment you would definitely need in your garage. There are several types, though the needle-nose plier and linesman pliers are the ones you would mostly find around. Having a set of this is also not a bad idea since you would most probably need them. Plus, if you have to get your mechanic to come over to work, it would not be difficult to get things done. 

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Every garage needs a net of tool kit like this

7. Source of light

Your garage should not be devoid of a good source of light. Apart from the natural light, you should get good lamps. One that is not so common in Nigeria is the hood light. We prefer to use our phones or other reading lamps. When you are going under the hood, get a hood light; you would see better. Lighting is also very important when you have to really do some work under your car. It would be very difficult to use your phone under there to even see what is going on.

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In Nigeria, we understand that we probably would not even want to stress ourselves so much when our cars have faults. But whenever we have to find some minor faults or carry out some routine car maintenance, it is not a bad idea to have all your tools together in one place.

This makes your work easier, faster and you definitely save some more. Plus, you should not call a mechanic because you want to change brake oil or tyres, right?

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