6 fuel saving tips for automatic drivers

Simple tricks can save lots of fuel for an automatic car.
Willie Venter, a Fleet Consulting Manager at EQSTRA Fleet Management, said that fuel took up from 40 percent to 45 percent of your car’s running cost.

You may think that an automatic car leaves not much for the driver to improve the fuel efficiency. In fact, there are still driving tricks that keep your car on the move longer. Follow these our insider tips below.

1. Maintain a constant speed

One simple but very useful tip to drive fuel efficiently is speed maintenance. Do not take sudden braking unless necessary, ensure consistent and slow drives and your fuel tank will survive you longer distances.

driving a car consistently and slowly

Maintaining a constant speed saves you more than you think

2. Avoid keeping foot on the brake

It imposes drag on the automatic car when you rest your foot on the gas pedal. That will accordingly impact on fuel economy. According to How Stuff Works, keeping your foot on the gas would place an unnecessary burden on the transmission and engine. What’s more, it will wear out the brakes quickly.

put foot on the brake

Avoid keeping foot on the brake

3. Have tires properly inflated

The tires play an important role in making sure your vehicle performs at its best and has a huge amount of influence on fuel efficiency. Underinflated tires make your car drag as well as lengthen stopping distances and are mainly unsafe.

The tires

The tires play an important role in making sure your vehicle performs at its best

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4. Don’t drive aggressively

All violent driving like crazy accelerating, fast braking and racing to the robot guzzle fuel quickly. As advised by the United State Environment Protection Agency, aggressive driving could lower the fuel consumption by 5 percent around town and by 33 percent at highway speed. We recommend you to pull away slowly and accelerate gently in order to save fuel.

A woman drive aggressively

Don’t drive aggressively 

5. Fill up the automatic car with gas in cold weather

Most liquids augment in heat, so the you can get more bang for your buck if filling your automatic car with petrol as the temperature is cold. It is recommended that you hit the gas station in the cool morning or evening.

Fill up the automatic car with gas

Fill up the automatic car in cold weather 

6. Shift smartly

Generally, the automatic car stays in lower gears slight too long for peak fuel economy. Thereby, the driver should let up on the gas as passing 30 mph to shift to higher gears as early as possible. Then, when the car is in top gear, the driver can continue to accelerate gradually.

automatic shift

The driver should let up on the gas as passing 30 mph 

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