6 destructive habits that you might unknowingly do to your car everyday!

Read on to see if you do one or more of these following destructive habits.

Owning a car is a dream for many of us Nigerians. Still, some people have the habits that yell they don't care about their dream at all, some of which are honest mistakes. Let's join our car maintenance experts to explore destructive habits that you might have done to your car unknowingly.

1. Ignore the check engine light

A check engine light indicates that your car is experiencing some sort of problems and that it can cost a huge amount of money to repair. At best, your engine might be experiencing problems related to fuel consumption efficiency. At worst, there lies a more serious issue underneath, might be with the engine or the brake system. You can learn 10 most common reasons for the check engine light being on in our previous article. When you see this message, it is ideal that you quickly bring the car to the nearest auto service to have your vehicle checked up

a check engine light

When you see this message, it is ideal that you quickly bring the car to the nearest auto service

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2. Not changing fluids and filters

A typical vehicle needs many different types of fluids to protect and maintain the smooth operation of the vehicle parts. Thinking of lubricant oil as veggies for your car's "gut" and you'll understand how important it is. Ongoing quality checks and filters will keep your car running smoothly and in turn, keep you safe.

3. Foregoing checking up the tire

The tire is the easiest part to check in a wheeled vehicle. You only need a pressure gauge to check the pressure of the tire, your eyes and/or your hands to check the quality of the threads on them. Note that an under-inflated tire can wear out much faster than a properly inflated one. So use 5 minutes of your morning times to check the tires, so that you can save you hours of going to an auto service later, starting today.

tire checking with pressure gauge

Spare 5 minutes every day can save you hours of waiting at an auto service later

4. Not following the periodical maintenance schedule

Cars need to be periodically checked to replace worn-out or damaged parts. Checking your car regularly will help keep your car in a mint condition and avoid any unwanted damage (and possible money loss) along the way.

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5. Neglecting regular car washes

Letting your car running on the road for too long without proper washes will cause dirt and toxic chemicals to accumulate in the car. This will cause the car to rust more quickly and reduce the driver's visual field while driving.

6. Reckless driving

Bad driving habits are one of the biggest contributors to an early-damaged car. You should avoid letting your car enduring rough conditions such as extreme weather, bad roads or overloading...for too long. Always drive smart and always obey the law, such as slowing down when you see speed signs, don't weave in and out of the lanes and don't carry more weight than your car's maximum load capacity.

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