5 signs showing that you need to replace the suspension


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More than often, when you notice the suspension need a service, it is overdue. Naijauto will help you spot symptoms of a bad and worn suspension.

Suspensions are one of the most frequent-used components in your car which are in charge of absorbing the road imperfections for smoother drives. Every 48.000 – 64.000 km of running, the suspension will be less effective and need to be replaced. In countries where bad terrains prevail, this is a common issue.

A suspension needs to be replaced when damaged, worn or leaking. Oil leak is easier to spot than signs of wear so maybe when you notice the suspension need a service, it may be overdue. In this article, we will help you spot symptoms of a bad and worn suspension.

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A car suspension

Suspension provides drivers comfort by absorbing all the road imperfections

1. Car’s frontal flexes down when stop suddenly

If you encounter this situation, immediately bring your car to service stations. Damaged suspensions are not able to keep your car stabilized, especially in tough terrains, slippery road and when you change direction. Therefore, you may not control the car in the way you want, accidents are inevitable.

2. Vibrations

If you can feel the vibrations coming through you wheel clearly, do a car check as soon as possible. Norman suspension can decrease almost the quakes and doesn’t cause such vibrations. Remember to be careful while driving in this situation because there is a chance you lose the control leading to unwanted incidents.

3. Your car is not going straight forward

The suspension is seriously damaged if you can obviously feel your car is not on the right track as supposed. In this case you might need to spend lots of money to fix the problem.

4. There are too many fluctuations while driving on rugged terrains

Usually, while driving on roads that are a bit uneven, there will be some slight quakes you may not even notice. That is because of the suspension absorbing most of the elasticity. Heavily worn suspension won’t be able to do that for you anymore. Therefore, driving through some potholes and stones on the road will make you suffer from furious shakings

5. Tires are not evenly worn

Although there are many reasons that could cause the tires to be not equally damaged, bad suspension is still considered as one of the possible reasons. Worn suspensions will lessen the ability to stably stick to the ground of the tires. Plus, your car can’t be balanced as said above. There are times that the car leans on only one side, for example, the left one, which causes left tires to be worn quickly than ones on the right side. Regular checking this will prevent effectively accidents.

Unevenly worn tires

Unevenly worn tires is a typical symptom of bad suspension

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