5 reasons why oil changes for a Mercedes-Benz is so expensive


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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The German luxury vehicles manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has always been trusted for high-performance cars and high-quality products. But, lots of drivers and car owners have always wondered why oil-changing for this brand is so expensive. It becomes a serious concern especially when you compare the cost to other luxurious brands e.g. Lexus, which their oil-changing cost just a fraction of the amount needed for Mercedes-Benz oil change.

1. Why oil-changing for a Mercedes-Benz is so Expensive?

First, Naijauto.com will like to just point it out to you directly that if you do the oil-changing in your own garage, you will be cutting down the expense by a very great margin. But that is just another story entirely for another day 😊. In this very article, we’ll be more concerned about telling you and also discussing the major reasons why oil-changing service for Mercedes-Benz products are being overpriced and so expensive.

1.1. The oil quality

Only fuels that have the ratings of A3/B4 or A3/B3 and meets the European (ACEA) specifications are used in all Germany manufactured vehicles. The downside to this being that traditional motor oils cost less than these synthetic-grade oils. To even worsen the whole situation, Mercedes 229.5 specifications has been made a requirement that all Mercedes vehicles’ fuel has to meet by default. So, the high cost of the Mercedes-Benz oil changes is so much contributed to by the high price of the vehicle’s fuel itself.


The high-quality fuel requirement of Mercedes-Benz vehicles contribute to the high cost of oil changes too

1.2. The higher fuel capacity

Fuel tanks of German cars are usually bigger than that of vehicles manufactured in the United States, Japan and some other countries around the world. Obviously, bigger tanks equal more oil, which in turn results in increased cost and higher expenses for car owners to purchase enough oil that can fill up such bigger tanks.

1.3. Oil changing method as a factor

Most drivers and car owners are familiar with the usual draining of oil out of the pan at the time they are changing the oil in their car. Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz cars require a bit more, they require a complete emptying of the oil out of the vehicle’s engine. This technique is a very good one but also a pocket shaker as well. It adds more to the oil changes expenses because it requires expensive vacuum equipment and more expertise help to carry out successfully.

1.4. Extra services needed

For a Mercedes-Benz product, an oil change isn’t just about changing the oil. Several other car parts like the air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter have to be checked and changed by the mechanic if need be. Although, not every time will a replacement be needed rather just once a year is fine. But at least these filters still have to be checked nonetheless maybe once in a while.


Mercedes-Benz cars require a complete emptying of the oil out of the vehicle’s engine with expensive vacuum equipment

1.5. The oil dealers

Even though as a Mercedes-Benz car owner or driver, it is very much recommended for you to go to an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for your vehicle’s oil change, do keep in mind that it will cost you more. Yes, that’s right. You cannot compare the cost with that of changing the oil at your local automobile service shop. It will cost less if you could have the oil changes done at a tested and trusted local service center by an expert Mercedes-Benz mechanic.

Reasons, why it costs more at the authorized dealer’s place, are due to the extra cost of paying salaries of a team of qualified and educated technicians, shop maintenance cost and also the cost of rent for the shop itself as well as maintaining the Mercedes-Benz brand authorization. Also, you should note that it’s not easy to find a reputable service shop for this brand because having a shop that lists top-notch servicing with high costs does not guarantee that such a dealer will actually deliver such quality services to your taste.

Mercedes AMG C63s running costs. An OIL change is HOW much!?

You might need to seek the help and advice of other Mercedes-Benz drivers or car owners in your neighborhood for recommendations of the best shop where you can expect quality service for such cost. And sometimes, the recommended shops might cost you extra to reach because of their distance from your area or they might even charge more than you planned, sorry. But in any case, once you are able to locate and confirm a servicing shop that you can always get your Mercedes-Benz oil-changes done with guaranteed quality, the stress becomes less. Next time you need an oil change, you just drive in, pay, get it done and drive out.

2. Are there ways these costs can be reduced?

Of course, there are some ways to reduce these costs but caution needs to be taken. The first way is, doing the oil change by yourself. Second, you can take the vehicle to a local independent servicing shop to have the oil change done for you at less price. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t worry too much about the high cost of changing your Mercedes-Benz oil though, we will tell you why.

When you compare other car brands’ oil change cost with yours, you will realize that the Mercedes-Benz oil-changing cost even though expensive, is cost-effective at the same time. Reason being that you only need to do the oil change once in a year, unlike other vehicle models. In a year, most people drive about 12,000 miles and for other average vehicle models, this means after 3,000 – 5,000 miles, an oil change is needed. This means they have to change their oil four times a year. But due to the high-quality Mercedes-Benz’s synthetic oil usage and their bigger tanks, you only need to the oil-change once in a year.

3. Conclusion

So, now you have it. The reasons why oil changes for a Mercedes-Benz are so expensive. If you evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the oil-changing for Mercedes-Benz products, you will see that to a great extent, it makes sense compared to other brands.

Meanwhile, don’t let the oil change stop you from checking out our huge collections of New, Tokunbo, and Nigerian used Mercedes-Benz cars for sale in Nigeria. Goodluck!

Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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