4 easy and handy car hacks every car owner should know


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Remove sticker residue with newspaper. What's else? Read on to find out.

Remove sticker residue

Of course, not many car users wish to have stickers on their car’s shiny coat but somehow, they still get into this dilemma, especially when they have children and their children are just put above all (even troubles they may make like putting stickers on their parents’ beloved cars). Suffering this all the time, parents obviously have to scratch their heads to find out how to solve this popular problem.

To remove a sticker on your car, first of all, gently peel it off. Get some newspaper, then absorb it with some water and just lay it on the traces the sticker left. After 15 minutes, you can wipe it all off.

Stickers on car

To Remove a sticker on your car, first of all, just gently takeoff

Toothpaste for shiny headlights

Your car’s headlights gradually get cloudy and dull after long days of use. This won’t worsen the headlights’ performance but still, this makes the headlights’ appearance clumsy. Don’t be worried, with a little toothpaste applied to a clean cloth, then rubbing the headlights and your headlights are good as new.

Cleaning headlights

With a little toothpaste applied to a clean cloth, you can breathe a new life into the headlights

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Coffee filters and olive oil for shiny dashboard

The fact is that the dashboard is one of the most beloved parts in your car because you spend much time throwing your loving eyes on it. Of course, you will love it more with its excellent shine rather than its dull look. To do this, you only need some olive oil and coffee filters (there, of course, are alternatives for the coffee filters but there are hardly any which can pick up dust better than them). After rubbing the dashboard with coffee filters absorbed with olive oil, your dashboard surely earns a shiny look.

Video: Clean your dashboard with olive oil

Laundry basket for overloaded boot

You can keep a couples of laundry baskets for groceries and stuff for a more organized boot. If your car’s boot always seems to be in a mess, a laundry basket will come more handy than you might think.

2 laundry baskets in a car boot

You can keep a couples of laundry baskets for groceries and stuff for a more organized boot

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