3 easy ways to unlock your car when the key was left inside


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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They are life-savers in emergencies. Just don't do it illegally.

Finding yourself in such a funny though miserable situation as locking yourself out of the car with your key inside is not rare. In fact, people do that all the time when their thoughts are wandering somewhere. There are many solutions for this problem that you can rely on such as asking for the help of the breakdown truck service and looking for spare keys. But how about unlocking your car without a key?

Sound interesting? Check out 4 ways to unlock your car when the key was left inside below. These 4 solutions for your key-in-car problem are meant for emergency only because you won’t want to be annoyed by that sound of a car alarm. Also, remember not to do it illegally.

1. Pick the manual lock

First, a locksmith wedge will help you to create sufficient space, then use a long, thin rod to pull the door pin. An alternative for the rod is a dress hanger with its useful hook. While doing this, be careful not to damage the weather stripping.

A Pump wedge

A locksmith wedge will help you to create sufficient space

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2. Reach and press the automatic look

The wedge one more time shows its usefulness in this way of unlocking your car. You again use it to create space but this time between the car’s door and body. If the automatic lock is set on the armrest, use a rod to turn it on. Or if the automatic lock is seated on the central console, use a dress hanger to reach it.

Video: How To Unlock a Car With Air-Wedges

Use a Slim Jim

There is a special tool called Slim Jim made to unlock a car door. You need to practice to get used to it though and the tool may harm the wires or weather stripping as well.

Because there are more wires on the driver’s side, insert the Slim Jim into the other side. Use the hook-shaped end of the Slim Jim to grip the locking mechanism under the locking pin, then pull it up.

Slim Jims

You can easily find a Slim Jim at auto centers

3. Get inside through the open trunk

In case your car uses a manual lock, there’s an opportunity your car trunk is still open, then you can take the key inside thanks to it. Open the trunk, then make space by pushing forward the rear seats. By doing this you can make your way inside.

Last but not least, everything needs practice, you may fail several times before making it and remember to keep an eye on wires or weather stripping to avoid possible damage.

A bonus trick: unlock with a tennis ball, how? Watch a video tutorial in this post!

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Hassana Obi

Hassana Obi

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