3 common mistakes to avoid while changing oil


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Check out our today’s article to expose wrong practices car owners do when changing oil.

Changing oil should receive just as much care and attention as any other car routine maintenance to secure your well-functioning vehicle. However, not all of us car owners have a sound understanding of the seemingly simple maintenance. Check out our today’s article to find out Three mistakes car owners subconsciously make during oil changing sessions.

Not replacing the drain plug washer

There are cars that come with a metal washer to seal the oil drain plug, especially cars manufactured in European countries. When you tighten the plug, this washer breaks and cannot be reused. So it is compulsory to change it every time you change the oil, otherwise, oil can find its way out of the broken seal.

On some cars, there is another disposable part which is the filter cartridge. If it is the case on your car, you should replace the cover O-ring each oil change since it is wired to wear out and break quickly. Remember to lubricate the O-ring by supplying it with some oil, which makes sure the O-ring won’t crush when you tighten the filter.

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Using inappropriate oil

To have the best decision for oil, you should consult your car’s manual where the car maker suggests the right oil to take. Particularly, if the manual calls for synthetic oil, just go for it. Otherwise, there are certain engines such as rotary ones is incompatible with synthetic oil since the gasoline can damage the seals.

You should also consider the oil’s weight. Nowadays, 5w30, 5w20, or 0w20 is recommended for modern cars. If you use heavier oil, fuel economy might suffer, engine wear might be accelerated, or even more severe damages and parts failure.

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Failing to lubricate the filter seal

As you refill the oil, it is a must to apply some oil onto the seal as a lubrication before tightening it back, then you’ve completed your oil change with peace of mind. Foregoing this step, you may soon have a leaky or loose filter. Even worse, it sometimes can be unthreaded and loose all of the oil.

Filter seal

As you refill the oil, it is a must to apply some oil onto the seal

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