10 essential car treats to keep the car repair shop away

By Jane Osuagwu
Publish on January 11, 2019

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You think your car doesn't need a treat? Not so. Check out 10 essential car treats for 2019 now, so you keep the car repair shop away!

It's great to have you all our esteemed readers on board, 2019. All thanks to God. We know you are set to marshal out some plans for this New Year, including ways to improve your lives and get better. And while you are on it, don't forget to carry your car along too. You know your car needs to be properly taken care of in order to serve you better in 2019 and keep the car repair shop away. And for this reason, we've compiled 10 special and necessary things you can do for your car this New Year, here on Naijauto.com. Let's check them out.


When you wax your car, it will give it a great look and also make your car paint last longer

10 special and necessary car treats to keep the car repair shop away

1. Make sure you continue with your routine vehicle maintenance

This is a vital car practice you shouldn't neglect this New Year. Car manufacturers always recommend that cars should be taken into the auto service centers regularly to help maintain and increase the car's lifespan. But unfortunately, a lot of car owners in Nigeria don't practice routine basic vehicle maintenance. Their cars only visit a car repair shop when a faulty sign is being detected. And this isn't a proper way to take good care of your vehicle.

Ensure your car is serviced when it's due for servicing. Car parts inspections should be cultivated as a habit. These inspections include replacing the worn out oil filter with a new one, changing brake pads when they wear out, changing the engine oil when it has gone bad, etc.


Prevention better than cure

2. Flush your radiator

The radiator is an invaluable component of a car's engine cooling system. The heat that emanates from the engine during operation need to be diverted elsewhere, so it doesn't damage the engine. And your radiator helps to cool off the heat. It needs to be in good shape by flushing it once in a while to remove accumulated dirt, and also avoiding rust.


Flushing the radiator helps the car stay clear of rust buildup

3. The recommended fluid level should be maintained

The car makes use of various fluids for its proper operation. Fluids like the engine coolant, power steering, brake fluid and transmission fluid. We’ve already written an article on when to change transmission fluid and what will happen if you drive without transmission fluid, make sure to check them out.  


Ensure you always check the fluid level to see if they are at the recommended level

4. Don’t turn your car into a towing van or luggage carrier beyond its limit

Various cars have different purposes for which they are manufactured for. Whether it's a truck, van or an SUV, they are all built to perform different functions. Only use your car for what it's manufactured to do. Your Hyundai Accent shouldn't be used to carry bags of cement and neither should your Honda Accord be turned into a towing van. Doing these is you stressing the car to perform beyond its capacity.

5. Give your car a new look by respraying it

You know the exterior part of your car is the first thing that portrays its beauty. You also know that dents, scratches and rust can reduce your car's exterior aesthetics. Restore its beauty by respraying it with a good car paint. Give your old car it's shiny look back again this New Year.

6. Get a garage for your car

The best place to park a car is in the garage. When your car isn't parked in the garage or under shade, you expose it to harsh weather conditions prevalent in our country and this affects the wellbeing of the car. The sunny and rainy weather in one way or the other reduces the beauty of the car's body, as the paint sprayed will be affected. Even the rain can damage some body parts in the long run too. A garage isn't too expensive for a special treat.

a building

Never park your car in an open space for sunlight to reach

7. Stop managing and neglecting car faults

A human body is built with many parts which function together for the benefit of the body, so is the car. It also has many components working in unity. Now, managing a faulty car part will surely affect other parts. An overheating radiator will affect the engine's performance. Fix the little faults before it escalates into a major issue.

8. Be mindful of potholes as you drive

Potholes are common on Nigerian roads, and we believe every driver has gotten used to it to adjust their driving pattern. Slow down your speed when approaching some parts of the road filled with potholes, as they are death traps. Don’t endanger your life and the wellbeing of your car.

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Make sure to slow down the speed when spotting the sights of potholes, which is perilous

9. Don’t drive on an empty tank

Who does that?

Though this has been said before, let's reiterate it. Don't drive your car when your fuel tank is at very low levels. It affects the fuel pump. The fuel pump needs to be covered with sufficient fuel which acts as a lubricant. Driving when your fuel tank is low will make the fuel pump not to be sufficiently lubricated.

10. Give your car a wax

Yes we know, car waxing isn't a common practice here in our country but you can still do it for your car. That’s why it's a special treat. When you wax your car, it will give it a great look and also make your car paint last longer. Try these treats out and your car will serve you better in 2019. We also have more car maintenance tips to help you take good care of your car. Do check them out.

A routine basic vehicle maintenance is a special treat to give your car in 2019

Jane Osuagwu

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