3 signs to know if a fuel station is a no-go

Poor quality fuel can have more damaging effects on your car than you might think, but a scrupulous gas station is not too difficult to spot!

We drivers all have certainly come across the situation where we suspect something is wrong with the guys working at filling stations, ranging from your car running out of fuel faster than usual, or sudden breakdowns associated with low-quality fuel. Here comes the necessity of identifying which fuel station you can trust and which ones you should not?

a Nigerian petrol attendant

Picking a reliable fuel spot is never an easy task

Today, Naijauto.com will dissect some of the signs that say "bad filling station", especially the one related to the quality of the fuel, and hopefully, you will be able to draw some conclusion by yourself.

1. Less visited stations

In the age of market economy, petrol stations are plentiful and omnipresent. All are trying to attract potential customers by keeping their price as low as possible and the quality as good as they can manage to get.

So when a petrol station is not frequented by customers, that could be a potential red flag. Of course, you cannot be able to judge that when you see it for the first time as it was maybe just a low point of the day where their business is slower than other time frames.

Pay more attention to the place that you want to pick as your new spot for fuel and drive by in different time frames to see if they're doing good with their business.

an empty fuel station

If you have driven by multiple times and see this scene, that should be a clear sign

2. Reports/complaints from fellow drivers

This time you don't have to deduce the problem on your own anymore. You could simply look around and see if there's any bitter man and ask him about his car. Chances are if his car is breaking down due to some problems related to fuel, he would likely tell you his stories. When he's in the sharing mood, it's not too hard to get information about the location of the fuel station where he frequents. Our recommendation is drivers of commercial vehicles are the ones you should look for.

3. Franchised stations

What many businesses would do today is to get their names out there on the market as much as possible. And they do this through franchising. The business that applies for a franchised name is supposed to follow some initial standards, for example, the location of the station, the size or the quality of facilities... etc. But once the initial phase pass, many of them fall short of the company's standards. Be careful next time when you trust a station just by the name of its umbrella company.

a franchised fuel station

The sub-par standard of franchise store is not exclusive to any kind of business

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