Young Nigerian auto genius builds a mini excavator at 12


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Meet a Nigerian Henry Ford! And he's only 12 years old too. See what this amazing auto genius is up as he built an excavator all by himself!

Nigeria is a developing country as far as the world is concerned, and this might be true most times. That however does not mean it is lacking in genius or innovative potential. Nigerians all over the world are consistently making their mark in exceptional fields like medicine, aeronautics, technology, etc.  These talents have always been there, but it took the present explosion in the use of social media to bring a lot of these to the public eye.

Case in point is a video of a twelve year old Nigerian boy who single-handedly built a fully functional mini excavator.


The 12 year old automaker

The video currently trending on gossipnaijamills on Instagram shows the young boy as he displays his ‘functioning’ project, the yellow mini excavator. What seems to be amazing about this exhibition is that the young talent operated this mini excavator with a string!

Watching this video you can't help be overcome by a sense of wonder and praise for the little “Henry Ford” doppelgänger. Many boys his age are either only about the next football match or the in-demand video game on Android or PC. While kids will be kids and it’s okay to play, kudos and encouragement needs to be given the lad as not  many of his mates would choose to invest their time in doing something as enduring.

The video attracted a lot of reactions from Nigerians who see the young boy-talent as rare and worthy to be invested in. Among the many reactions are:

From handle ‘franciscailoegbunam’, who stated:

“Naija GET talent joor......government no go see this one carry na only money.”

Another from ‘kingbrownart’ who wrote:

‘Wow . How can I reach him❤️❤️❤️❤️outstanding 💰💰💰💰worth investing 💰💰💰💰’

Nollywooddramaboy said: "May this boy not die with this talent in Jesus name, amen"

Please click here to watch the video and read reactions live on Instagram.

Seeing something like this begs the question of Nigeria’s status as an “import all” country. Governmental patronage and Nurturing of this type of capacity, as well as of other local manufacturers such as Innoson and National Truck Manufacturers LTD, or Kano cars, should transform the country to a net exporter of technology in the no distant future.

It seems Nigerian boys are really good at this!

Nigeria as an agrarian economy is sure to benefit from home-made excavators, tractors, and other farm machinery, suitably scaled up of course.

Obviously the Nigeria government has a lot of work to do in promoting the local machinery manufacturing sector.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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