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The introduction of cars solved a problem for humanity and revolutionized the world economies; check out the response to the question, who invented the car?

There are so many cars everywhere! Cars, vans and trucks on the road, tractors in the field, you name it; and if you can think of a terrain, mankind has probably already designed an automobile to conquer it. Cars have become a big part of our everyday lives; we know that if all the cars in the world stopped working suddenly, we would have a very hard time adjusting. 

Cars are so important because they are the answer to one of mankind's biggest needs which is the need to move from place to place for different reasons. Humans are always looking for ways to make daily activities easier and faster, in order to save time and energy, and the invention of cars is solving this problem. Man has created so many types of inventions due to necessity, and one of the greatest inventions till date remains the automobile. So, who invented the car?

Today, Naijauto will help you answer that question as well as give you bonus information around this milestone historical event.

1. The great inventors of automobiles

Who ever could sit and design such an amazing machinery must have been a great inventor. The outright answer to this question 'who invented the car?' would be the creator of the first functional automobile operating with gasoline; Karl Benz, a German inventor who patented the invention in Germany under DRP No. 37435 in 1885.

However, the invention of automobiles cannot be attributed to only one person because the concept was inspired by a few other great minds, and the complete system of a car is made up of various components. 

Karl-Benz-the-inventor-of the-first-petrol-powered-car

The great inventor of car, Karl Benz lived till April, 1929

The very first design of this special mode of transportation was done by a man called Leonardo Da Vinci and this was in the 15th century! His designs and models were quite rudimentary, and he was a visionary and a genius who was far ahead of his time. Over the years, many designs of automobiles have been created by inventors experimenting with different fuel sources. 

There have been production of steam automobiles, electric automobiles, gasoline powered automobiles and many more; these were all invented at some point in time by different people. The gasoline powered automobile design however proved to be the most viable version and it is now available as the most popular cars in production.

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The very first automobile design by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1500s

2. The story of Car throughout its history

The great inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci and his contribution to the automobile should not be left out of the history of cars. His designs involved a cart that was mechanized and horseless. This was in the 1500s, almost more than half a millennium ago!

The ancient Asian civilization in China around the early 1600s when there were records of the Chinese using inventions called sailing chariots. These were carts propelled by wind through sails attached to them, just like the technology in boat sails.


The sailing chariot was utilized in ancient Asian civilizations

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By the 18th century (1769), an inventor called Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot built another ancestor of the automobile but this one was powered by steam. It was the first of its kind and lead to the birth of steam engines. Throughout the period of the 18th century, inventors like Samuel Brown (English), Jean Joseph-Etienne Lenoir (French), George Brayton (American), Nikolaus August Otto (German), Gottleib Daimler (German) and Rudolf Diesel (French) worked hard to develop a viable source of power for the automobile, and it is called the Internal Combustion Engine.

Over the century, new editions and versions of the internal combustion engine were produced but the basic idea was still unique to them all. The combustion engine utilized the explosive power of the gasoline or fuel to pump a piston into a cylinder that wound then crank a chaff and get the tires to move.

  • The journey of car designs

The car has come a long way since the 15th century, when most carts and chariots were drawn by horses or by man. From wooden rickety carts, to beautiful composite materials framed works of art, cars have evolved and continued to improve everyday.

Cars have been powered by wind, by steam, by gasoline and even electricity; inventors and scientists still seek for alternative fuel sources that will serve as viable and long lasting solutions. But the contributions of Karl Benz and Gottleib Daimlers who merged their companies together to form the Daimler group in 1972 has left a lasting legacy. The Mercedes Benz, the brainchild of their partnership over the years, has led to many innovative automobile technologies and additional safety components with over 80,000 patents that guarantee better car versions everyday.

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The simplicity in the design of the first Mercedes Benz petrol car remains outstanding

Speedy movement of goods and services from one location to another, saving lives and reducing the problem of distance while saving time; cars are a necessity in modern times. Even those who cannot afford to purchase one still make use of it as a service; cars are a large part of every economy as it empowers thousands of people with its manufacturing, sales and transportation activities.

Presently, there are hybrid cars that have low fuel consumption and high efficiency rates, as well as electric cars; meanwhile, inventors keep searching for cleaner and cheaper ways of improving transportation while protecting our planet.

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