Coronavirus scare: See what is left of the cancelled Geneva Motor Show


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The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has left one of the anticipated auto shows on the planet in a depressive state.

The whole auto industry was buzzing a few weeks prior to the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, which was supposed to be a perfect platform for various car manufacturers to showcase their scintillating designs to the whole world. Little thanks to the deadly coronavirus, making every global event close to being impossible.


Due to coronavirus, the venue for the 2020 Geneva Motor Show has been in a depressing state since the cancellation

George Williams, who happens to be a famous auto photographer, revealed to us the current depressing state of the supposed venue for the 2020 Geneva Auto Show. From what we could see, several workers are already removing stands and also the transport vehicles, scheduled for the celebration of their premieres.

The venue for the event was almost ready for the exciting show before the official cancellation due to the outbreak of the deadly virus. This cancellation of the biggest motor show in Europe has made automakers move their cars and quickly take down their fancy stands. From what we learned, most of the auto debuts will either be live-streamed via the internet or at different venues.


Many stands have been removed from the venue since the official cancellation of the Swizz event

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It has been a huge disappointment for newcomers such as Czinger, planning to unveil its brand with the new 21C supercar. Morgan was also planning to introduce their new 4-cylinder roadster at this canceled auto show. Looks like Morgan did take matters into its hands as the automaker went ahead to premier its new model at Malvern, a small town in Britain where Morgan was reportedly born. Interestingly, they drove the car all the way from the venue for the Swizz show to the small town, with updates being posted on their social media page.

I visited the ABANDONED Geneva Motorshow 2020 - Full Walkaround

Koenigsegg isn’t ready to drive their car down to Angelholm in Sweden like Morgan, as the company still retains its stand at the canceled event venue. The company is ready to unveil its mysterious-looking supercar dubbed as KG12, from the floor of the show.

We expect other big guns in the auto industry to unveil their new products through virtual hosting.

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