Why auto brands give weird car names?


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Why do you suppose automakers give weird car names that are difficult to understand? Well, the answer might not be what you think. Read it all!


From year to year, automakers produce specific car models to match the profile of their potential customers. Every new model is attached with a unique name that defines the functionalities of the car.

Sometimes, the name given to a new car brand depends on the manufacturer's view of the market. Many times the names they come up with are cool, other times they are just plain absurd. One then wonders Why auto brands give weird car names?


Weird names for cars ... like the VW Beetle excites mixed reactions

How do auto companies name their cars?

Automobile companies make a lot of research before giving their model a specific name. When it comes to attaching a name to a newer car brand, automakers work with the marketing team to discover a unique name that will drive more sales to the brand. Names are very important in making a car one of the most popular cars in any given year like these top 10 cars in 2020. Just like giving a name to any product, car naming requires a lot of analysis to unveil a unique name that defines the real image of the car.

Sometimes these companies go to the extent of giving their cars weird brand names. The weird name assigned to any car model is planned in such a way that the market will not be displeased with the pronunciation. While the marketing team is analyzing the targeted market to discover a specific name to give to the newer brand, a lot of factors are considered.

Some of these factors happen to be the reasons why car companies give weird car names:

1. Popular Slang

Automakers consider familiar slangs used by their consumers while naming their cars. Generally, carmakers tend to capture the market faster with this technique. They give out names based on their view about a slang used by car lovers. For example, Chevrolet decided to name one of its brands Chevrolet Beaver based on the way people are familiarized with the word beaver.

If you look closely at the weirdest name given to most cars, you will discover that they have something to do with the way people use such words on a regular basis.

2. Based on foreign languages

Cars are named based on the language of the targeted market. Giving a new car brand a foreign name is the best way to capture the market and gain more sales. Every automaker went to the extent of finding a weird foreign name that will capture the interest of consumers and attach it to the car.

However, when the particular brand extends its market sale into a foreign land, their newer customers will find the car name so weird that it may appear strange to pronounce. If the car brand comes with a unique feature, it can easily conquer the market and attract more sales to the company.

3. Automakers’ love for animals

Automakers have a unique interest in animals. They even give their newer car brands animal names. Automobile companies love to name their cars jaguar, cobra, Viper, Mustang, Ram, colt, and many other animal names. Some of these names sound so weird to some of their customers. However, auto companies that give their cars animal names have conquered several markets with this strategy.

Almost every car user has a specific animal that they love. People have extended this love to their choice of cars. Automakers are smart enough to convert this opportunity into a market strategy. Although people still find cars with animal names to be weird brands, the market still adores these products and appreciate the innovative efforts of the automakers.

Some of these car brands have animal names attached to their products, Bison (Chevrolet), Rabbit (Volkswagen), Spider (Toyota, Fiat, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Mclaren), Sunbird (Pontiac), Beetle (Volkswagen), Tiger (sunbeam) and many others.

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The weird name does not always derive from the design of the car though

4. Trademark

Every automobile company has a trademark name that protects their business. Sometimes the trademark name may be generated depending on the principle the company operates with. Some trademark names used by these automobile companies sound weird to the market. However, companies have the right to choose any trademark name they wish to attach to their business.

Auto companies do not consider if their trademark name sounds weird or not. Their focus is to manufacture cars that will capture the market interest within a short time.

Cars with the weirdest names in the history of automobile companies

Automakers tend to name their new car models before unveiling the brand to the market. For decades, people have been wondering why automakers keep on giving their cars strange names desire the innovative features of such car brands. However, automakers are much concerned with car names that fit a particular car brand perfectly.

Below is the list of cars with weird names in the history of automobiles:

1. Toyota Estima Lucida G luxury Joyful canopy

To pronounce the name of this particular model of Toyota may seem challenging to some people due to its long nature. Some people suggest that Toyota Estima could have been better, but the company has its reason for attaching such a long name to this model.


The Toyota model also carries an awkward appearance 

2. Hondas that’s

The Honda that’s was manufactured by Hond in 2002. The name attached to this mobile sound so weird that some people laugh whenever it is pronounced. The car has its own unique innovative features and may be considered as a box-looking family car.


The Honda That's is a really strange name for a lovely car

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3. Kia Pro_cee’d

The Kia Pro_cee’d is a pro version of Kia Cee’d. The company decides to name the car based on its view on the car’s features. The Kia Pro_cee’d and Kia Cee’d sound so weird to some car lovers.


It makes sense to name the pro version of the Kia Ceed that way

4. Mitsubishi Lettuce

Mitsubishi saw the need to support vegan with a new auto brand, so they came up with the idea of Mitsubishi lettuce, one of a few cars named after plants.

Most people only know lettuce as an edible plant usually consumed as a salad, but they are confused that a car can uphold the same name. The name attached to this car has captured the interest of most vegan car buyers. Despite the interest of vegan car lovers to this particular brand, people still find the car’s name weird and funny.


The Mitsubishi Lettuce also has a weird shape along with the name

5. Honda life dunk

The name attached to this particular model sounds so depressing and weird. Despite the weird name assigned to this brand, people still derive joy in driving it. By the way, there are great ways to dispose of your junk car.


Did Honda run out of names to name this pretty car... dunk?

If you always wondered at the correct pronunciation of car names, watch the video below (Not in English but subtitled):

Video: How to pronounce car brand names correctly

Final Note

The name attached to a particular model does not determine its performance and durability. As a car lover, you should not reject a particular car because it possesses a weird name that may be so difficult to pronounce. You can still rename the car to suit your lifestyle and usage. What you should consider most often are the innovative features the manufacturers added to the car.

When you consider the features of a car more than its name, you can always purchase the car of your dream. Thus it might not really matter to you Why auto brands give weird car names?

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