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The BMW Club of Nigeria joins in the social media stay at the Home challenge by proposing a competition for price money and auto products gift. What are other challenges you might miss? Scroll down now!

Everyone around the world is in their houses all day long bored because of the COVID-19 lockdown that has been on in the USA and UK for weeks now. Few Nigerian States joined the world in curbing the spread as from the 30th of March Lagos, Abuja and Ogun State have been locked down.

There has been a lot of focus on social media as engaging in the online platforms now is one of the major ways people can stay busy and entertained during this period.
Lockdown means no movement and activities of any sort except the essential ones related to the well being of citizens.

For this reason, a lot of social media challenges here and there have been created with users challenging others tp jump on the bandwagon. Below are some challenges you might find interested to join!

1) Don't Rush Challenge

People use a song titled "don't rush" to make a transition video from looking regular in house clothes to looking glowed up in fancy dresses. Everyone and their mom's actively taking part in the challenge.


Before and after of the Don't Rush Challenge

Watch the compilation video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=titTVY9P7_8

2) Something new Challenge

For this challenge, people just do a particular dance routine to the rhythm of the song titled "something new" by Wiz Khalifa feat Ty Dolla Sign. There are videos of full families partaking in this challenge because everyone is at home with their full families.


Brother and sisters dancing to Wiz Khalifa's song for the Something New Challenge

Watch the compilation video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oARUrvdy9d0

3) Whatsapp Challenges

For this challenge, people nominate their WhatsApp contacts to post on their status according to a guide that tells them what and what to post in an orderly manner. For example, "first post a picture of your car, secondly post a picture of your best friend, thirdly post the 7th picture on your phone in ascending other, etc.

4) Savage Challenge

There is the savage challenge also where people just dance to a song titled "savage" in a particular dance routine, especially on the TikTok app.


Video: I'm A Savage Challenge Dance Compilation #savagechallenge #savagedance

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5) Pushup Challenge

This is a workout challenge on Instagram and Whatsapp where people nominate their friends to post a video of them doing a certain amount of push-ups nonstop just to prove they have enough strength.


Push-up challenge in front of a 3 series

Trust me, it's all for fun and entertainment, not a competition but the BMW CLUB OF NIGERIA, which is one of the few dedicated clubs to cars in the country has taken to their Instagram to announce a push-up challenge that involves people doing push-ups in front of BMWs and the winner was going to be announced on April 1. The highest number of push-ups in a video wins the prize money of N50,000 and auto products.


The BMW push-up challenge (Source: BMW club Nigeria)

BMW Club of Nigeria gave everyone a shocker when they announced on April 1 that the price money and gift for the winner was an April Fools' joke haha. 


It's really amazing that cars could be fussed together with a social media challenge. Am I the only one that would love to see more social clubs dedicated to cars spring up in Nigeria?
Like an official Benz Fan Boys Club, American Muscle car club of Nigeria, JDM club of Nigeria and many other more.

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