15 uncool things Toyota wants its customers to forget


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Toyota is a household name in Nigeria and everyone loves the brand. But these facts about Toyota, do people just intentionally ignore them?

Toyota is a household name in the world of automobiles today, and has become unarguably a world-class brand ever since the company launched in 1937. All thanks to models like the exotic 2000 GT, the alluring Supra, the pocket-friendly Corolla, and also the ever-consistent and dependable Toyota Tacoma, which has kept Toyota at the vanguard for as long as a couple of decades, in terms of breathtaking designs, high-tech engineering cum technology, and market strength.


Toyota cars are deservedly Nigeria's best selling car brands

However, great as Toyota is, they still get stuff wrong from time to time. After taking a close look at market analysis and consumer reports from customers, it becomes self-evident that these customers know these uncool things Toyota does, yet go ahead to purchase these Toyota products.

Below are 15 uncool facts about Toyota that everyone appears to just ignore and Naijauto decides to bring them out!

1. Spontaneous acceleration

Though Toyota vehicles are dependable- mostly, yet it has had its fair share of ding-dongs. For instance, there was the sudden acceleration problem of years back. This led to a scandal that they struggled with for decades, and for which they have been fined a mind-numbing $1.2 billion or ₦450 billion.

2. Corolla design, anything new soon?

Over the years, Toyota has failed to present new designs for the Corolla, which has become one of their bestsellers. Due to a lack of improvement in design, the Corolla models in recent years have become outdated. People are eager for something new, and Toyota's attempts to add a swoop and a line here and there, or fancy lighting and more vents, do not quite cut it. Why do we all act like we don't want to see a genuine scaling up in the Corolla's design? 


2019, Toyota Corolla, the brand has not had any major style overhaul in a while

3. Corolla - most stolen vehicles

Presently, the Toyota Corolla cars have become one of the most stolen cars in the world, courtesy of its second-hand value cum durability. Toyota cars are cheap, and reliable due to their initial upfront quality, security features, and attractiveness. Hence, they are more desired and are the cynosure of all eyes- especially those of car thieves.

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4. Toyota FJ Cruiser

We all wondered at the FJ Cruiser. To put it kindly, place it beside other Toyota models like the 4Runner Jeep and more recent Land Cruiser and its sheer unsuitability to be named alongside these greats becomes clear. The design of FJ Cruiser is considered to be too radical by many and way too outrageous for an SUV with its toy-like, childish design. However, we just turned a blind eye.


Some critics have condemned the FJ Cruiser for being lego-like in design

5. Frame rust issues

The early 2000s models of Toyota like the Tacoma are extremely durable and good for speed, and greatly economical in both fuel and oil usage. In spite of these great pluses, these brands suffer frame rust challenges and can even lead to the Tacoma breaking into half in extreme cases.


There are still fears Toyota frame rust problem exists in new brands

6. Lexus models

In the Auto industry, it is customary to have divisions of the auto companies that are into the production of premium or luxury versions. Lexus is Toyota's luxury car division.

However, the thing is Lexus offers customers more advanced tech features, stunning interior and exterior qualities at a frankly fantastic price if you consider it is just a mite above what we pay for so-called regular Toyota models. We all should be wondering why we are paying what we are for those models, right? But we are not!


The zenith of Toyota luxury is the Lexus, and at that price too!

7. The Lexus LC

Toyota is presenting the Lexus LC as a sports car, which is a good thing, right? However, despite the elegant look and design, at a weight above 4000 pounds, this car is just not going to have what it takes to hug those corners true-sports car style. This hasn't stopped the Lexus LC from doing business, but how long before we realize we've been had? 

8. ToyotaTundra's size

In a bid to compete with US auto manufacturers, Toyota has pushed the size of the pickup truck to alarming heights. It is a pickup vehicle that looks immense. Toyota needs to decide whether this vehicle is a full-size SUV or a pickup truck. It can't be both. 

9. Land Cruiser

Why did Toyota choose to make some Land Cruiser versions unavailable in some places and not in others? North America and even Nigeria are some markets not Land Cruiser versions are officially available in. Considering that this is a great four-wheel drive SUV, that really sucks.

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Why is this lovely vehicle not available totally everywhere?

10. Why no Toyota diesel everywhere?

Unlike the other parts of the world, Toyota in the US does not offer diesel models. This is in spite of the several rumors about a diesel version sometime in the future for America. Why shouldn't Toyota e universal in the marketing approach?

11. Toyota Supra or BMW Supra?

The sneak peeks and reviews of the Supra online contradicts the final production. This campaign went on for a couple of months before the eventual launch of the brand and shows how inconsistent Toyota can be. Features like the Twin-turbos, stick shift, and the all-wheel drive are missing. The vehicle came out as a BMW Z4 knock off with absolute lesser power.


Did Toyota rip off the Supra's design?

12. The piety of the Prius

Okay, now that the planet is awash with EVs and Hybrids, it means Pius owners can stop being so sanctimonious now. It used to be of course that the Prius had the greenest auto bragging rights on earth, but not anymore, right? So why are Prius owners still playing the holier-and-greener-than-thou card?


The Prius has healthy competition now from other green autos

13. Original Prius

The Prius is a lovely car for now and tomorrow. However, we have not forgotten that originally, that Hybrid powertrain existed in a decidedly unlovely echo body. Now, of course, the hybrid has moved house to the current, way cooler model. Are we mistaken to think, however, that the Echo lives on in the Toyota Yaris?

14. The Yaris

Where to begin about the Yaris? Is it the squat shape or low-brow powertrain a performance? Frankly put, this is certainly not one of Toyota's better efforts. No wonder it is sold quite cheaply, a case of the price following the car, right?

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The Yaris is either one of Toyota's worst cars or misunderstood greatly

15. The CH-R

So, Toyota decided to challenge both Nissan and even Honda in the sporty crossover segment, and so came up with the CH-R. This is the result of borrowed features from the Corolla, angular front facia designs from Nissan, and the name from Honda. Bottom line, it's not everyone's favorite crossover/hatchback.


The Toyota CH-R looks a lot like several crossovers all at once, sounds like them too

There you have it all. Think of anything else about Toyota we all seem to turn a blind eye to and Toyota would rather forget?

Our article on 15 uncool things Toyota doesn't want you to know ends here, for more articles like this, check out Auto Fun which is a fun section on Naijauto.com.

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