Defiant Turkey acquires Russian S-400 Air Defense System to destroy US combat aircraft


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What would be seen as an act of undermining United States was overlooked as Turkey takes delivery of Russian S-400 Air Defense System worth 31 billion naira. Read on!

The Turkish government has just taken delivery of 1st batch of S-400 Air defense system, which is valued at ₦720 billion, from the Russian government. This move has heightened tensions between the U.S and Turkish governments to a new dimension.


Still pretty unclear why Turkey is still interested in the US F-35 after taking delivery of its nemesis, Russia's S-400 

The acquisition of this air defense system nullifies the contract for Turkey in acquiring the F-35 combat aircraft produced by the United States. The plane manufactured by the Russian government has the capability of shooting down the F-35 and could trigger extra sanctions from the U.S government.

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This latest delivery of mass defense system to Turkey from Russia would incur serious sanctions from the U.S

At a distance of 240 km (150 miles), the S-400 will easily shoot down any aircraft and also intercept ballistic missiles that are about 38 miles away. This is capable of providing the Armed Forces in Turkey with an advanced weapon covering the major part of Syria and Greece, their old enemy.

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Why Russia's S-400 Is No Joke (And Why No Air Force Wants to Fight Against It)

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, already had a plan to acquire 166 units of U.S F-35 combat aircrafts. He however commented recently that it would be a “robbery” if his country is excluded from the F-35 program since a sum of ₦365 billion ($1 billion) had already been invested in the consortium producing it.

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