Land Cruiser is the longest selling model of Toyota, recording 10 million sales units


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Toyota has recorded a milestone, selling 10 million units of the Land Cruiser in 68 years of production! Find out how the model fared all these years!

Top Japanese automaker, Toyota, has yet another reason to celebrate. The premium brand has reached the coveted 10 million sales units with one of its models – the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Recognized as the most important model on the stables of Toyota, the Land Cruiser has been on sale for the past 68 years. As such, it is known as the longest selling model the company has offered.


The Cruiser has a rugged military appearance

Toyota Land Cruiser debut

The Land Cruiser came onto the scene in 1951. It was specifically introduced as a vehicle for the National Police Reserve in Japan. Nothing much was expected of it as it was simply used to maneuver tough territories. The Land Cruiser got a makeover in the course of the Korean conflict. Toyota made provision for a model following the lifting of imposed restrictions.

An alternative was created for activities previously done solely on horsebacks with the introduction of the Land Cruiser BJ. It executed great feats including climbing to the Mount Atago top. In no time, the Land Cruiser upstaged rivals like the America Jeep produced by Mitsubishi for military activities in Japan.

Having recorded huge success with the Land Cruiser First Generation, Toyota debuted a new model called the 20 Series.  This batch of the car was designed for civilian use; hence, it was bought by the larger civilian market.

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Water has nothing on the Land Cruiser

With a pleasant reception at the 1957 military trials in America, Toyota took the Land Cruiser to other emerging markets, making it the first model from the brand to be in those markets.

Over the years, the Land Cruiser has had variations no fewer than 14 in the course of production for the past 68 years. Till this day, the Land Cruiser is recognized as a strong Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) offering users comfort, speed and agility for off-road trips.

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How much is a Toyota Land Cruiser in Nigeria?

There's a simple reason why Land Cruiser becomes the longest selling model of Toyota - its quality. Hardly is there any car that stands the test of time and different kinds of terrain as the Land Cruiser. Thus, buying a Land Cruiser in Nigeria is ideal as long as you can afford it.

A brand new Toyota Land Cruiser costs from N30 to N52 million while the prices of Tokunbo or Nigerian used units are lower.


You can buy like-new Land Cruiser in Nigeria with reasonable prices

Tokunbo Land Cruiser 2005-2016 are usually sold for N4 million to N30 million.

Locally used Land Cruiser are cheaper, ranging from N4 million to N15 million.

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