SuperCharge set to be launched as new electric motorsport


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The new SuperCharge is a set-to-be-launched electric motorsport, which will be held on short road circuits across major cities on the planet. See how it works!

One of the most exciting auto events to look forward to in the nearest future is this SuperCharge, which is set to be introduced as a new form of electric motorsport.

According to a report, it will feature eight events in several places like Europe, China, the US, and the Middle East. It will be launched in 2022, held on short street circuits within major cities, using racecars specifically designed for road races.


The SuperCharge electric motorsport promises to be exciting series of events for Formula E lovers

The creation of this set-to-be launched series is obviously not without the attention of the world’s leading automakers.

In order to keep the cost of production on low, the vehicles to be used will be designed on a regular platform. We expect these featured cars to be able to cough out as much as 670 horsepower while sprinting from zero to 60 mph in 2.5 secs.

Other features we should be on the lookout for include 40kWh battery pack, all-wheel drivetrain adaptive bodywork, looking just like an electric crossover SUV. It will appear a bit like the related Extreme-E with a good battery management system (compatible with the present electric charging system).

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The new electric motorsport will take place in large cities across the globe on short road circuits in 2022

The managing director Rob Armstrong revealed their aim, which is to heighten the state of EVs from the usual use to better use. The new motorsport series will provide carmakers with substantial commercial and technical benefits.

Through the launch of futuristic electric road cars, it will afford the manufacturer a clear insight into how its growth and volume affect the market and how to use this knowledge to improve, experiment on and grow electric car battery technology.

How does this new E-Motorsport work?

Enthusiasts of motorsport should be excited by the eight 1-day events, each contested by 16 cars made up of 8 teams of 2 cars, running over 2022. The race will also be based on a catchy elimination format.

Every racing event will comprise fifteen races, each set to last for only a short time. The participants or drivers will be put into 4 groups of 4. Each of the groups will race 3 times, with the driver with the least points to be knocked out. With this, 12 drivers will emerge after the first elimination round. The semi-finals will be in 2 groups of 6 drivers each. The last 3 drivers in each group will be eliminated, leaving 6 last-standing drivers to compete in the final, where the winners (driver, team, and manufacturer) will be awarded trophies at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, you can crack yourself up a little by watching some of the hilarious moments in Formula E. See the video below:

Video: Funniest Formula E Moments!

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One of the mouthwatering things that make this new race so special is the availability of several obstacles on its 1km long-circuit, like water splash, low friction zone, and lots of other activities on the short route. The series is meant to encourage the production of more eco-friendly vehicles and the need for renewable energy.

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