Stallion Motors Nigeria introduces locally assembled mini trucks for SMEs


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Stallion Group is leveraging every bit of advantage it can find across the Nigerian market especially the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) section of the market. Check details here!

Stallion Group is leveraging every bit of advantage it can find across the Nigerian market especially the enterprise section of the market. The company which is over 45 years old is currently targeting the small and medium scale enterprises in the country with its low cost, multipurpose commercial mini trucks. Stallion Groups automobile a division of the Group is promoting the Chinese made mini trucks.

According to Stallion Group the drive for this venture is drawn from its recent survey of SMEs in Nigeria. Speaking on the need for the study, Mr. Anjan Aditya, Head of marketing and Sales for Stallion motors Commercial Vehicle, observed that most SMEs experience losses and unnecessary downtime due to poor second hand trucks and vehicles. Speaking further, Mr. Anjan commented:

“We discovered that majority of emerging businesses including some renowned enterprises are either besieged by wanton inability to source affordably priced functional light commercial vehicles or are constrained to buying unserviceable decrepit vehicles that are prone to accidents, incessant downtime and consequential loss of profits,”

Considering the foregoing evidence, the company formed a partnership with Chinese Auto manufacturer Changan Automobile for the assembling of two of its Mini light weight trucks at Stallion Group’s Assembly plant in Lagos. This move is expected to drive the final price of the vehicle down, thus making it more affordable to the target enterprises in Nigeria. The light weight mini trucks considered for this venture are their KY5 Mini trucks and the KY10 Mini trucks.

1. Overall specifications of KY5 Mini Trucks

The KY5 mini trucks come in both single cabin and double cabin design and will make use of petrol. The single cabins have a standard seating capacity of 2 i.e. for a driver and one passenger, while the double cabin configuration can comfortably seat a driver and 4 passengers. The rear cargo and payload section is a solid 57 inch in width and 14 inch high, with a rated payload capacity of 2866 lbs for the single cabin design and 2204 lbs for the double cabin design.

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The KY5 mini truck advertisement by Stallion Motors Nigeria

The KY5 lightweight mini truck utilizes a 1.05 liter petrol engine that delivers 63 horse power and 67 lb-ft of torque. The mini truck offers very impressive numbers in terms of fuel economy, delivering a good 30.2 mpg when driving at a speed of 50 km/h. The KY5 offers about 30% maximum climbing ability and minimum ground clearance of 5.9 inch, while maintaining a top speed of 90 km/h or 55.9 mph.


The KY5 lightweight mini truck utilizes a 1.05 liter petrol engine

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2. Overview of KY10 Mini trucks

The KY10 is much heavier than the KY5, weighing a solid 661 pounds more than the KY5, with a curb weight of 2888 lb for the single cabin model.  The cargo truck space of the KY10 stands at 63 inch in width and is 125.9 inch in length. Just like the KY5, the KY10 is offered in two models, the single cabin and the double cabin models. The double cabin models have more passenger space but lesser cargo space than the single cabin models.

The KY10 mini truck is offered in two engine types, the petrol and Diesel engine. The Petrol engine delivers almost double the power generated by the diesel engine but less torque than the diesel engine. The KY10 is built with 1.5 liter engine, with the petrol engine delivering 110 horse power while the diesel engine delivers a much lower 60 horse power. Both engines deliver solid fuel economy ratings, with the petrol engine offering 26 mpg while the diesel engine delivers better numbers at 27.7 mpg, in both cases driving at 50 km/h.


The cargo truck space of the KY10 stands at 63 inch in width

We believe the KY5 will be most useful to agricultural enterprises for moving low quantity agricultural commodities from the farm to the store and then to the markets. On the other hand, we see the KY10 gaining grounds with the pure water and supply businesses who will like to deliver heavier goods with ease, without need for hiring big trucks.

3. More on Stallion Group

Stallion Group was founded in 1969 and is operational in over 17 countries the world over. It is a conglomerate with interest in Real Estate, Automobile distribution and assembly, industries, Agriculture, commodities, financial sector, food products, Shipping and Logistics, mining industry, technology as well as FMCG sector.  The company holds Vehicle assembly and Branding partnerships with several automakers like Hyundai, KYC trucks, Nissan, Volkswagen etc.

Stallion group runs one of the biggest business enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa  and owns an Assembly plant in Lagos, Nigeria. The Lagos plant will handle the assembly of the KY5 and KY10 lightweight mini trucks. The has already been used in the assembly of Nissan Patrol in 2014. 

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