10 Road Trips we want to make post COVID-19


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Road trips are always fun. With the COVID situation though, there have not been too many such trips lately. See the road trips you could take after COVID-19!

Overview on Road Trips

For ages, traveling has become a common culture across the globe. Almost every country has designed suitable road networks to support its citizens in navigating safely across major cities. In recent years, road trips have improved in several ways.

COVID-19, of course, has restricted movement across borders internationally. However, one day soon, the roads will be free and open again. So, what are the road trips to make post-COVID-19?


Traveling is a very big part of modern-day living

Why road trips are popular

Technological advancement played a vital role in making road trips more fun and easier than ever. With the recent innovative changes in the automotive world, road users can access their dream cars which come with amazing features. Most travelers ensure that every requirement needed for the success of the journey is met before embarking on the journey.

Sometimes road trips may require travelers to cover either long-distance or shorter distances before arriving at their destination. Road trips before COVID-19 were fun and interesting. However, it does not mean that COVID-19 can make it frowned upon. Still, there are promising trips to make.


Many empty roads followed the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns

How COVID-19 changed road trips

Usually, people hit the road to accomplish some tasks at the intended destination. However, 2020 is undeniably a bad year for road travelers.

Most countries shut down their transportation industry just to curtail the spread of the COVID-19. The total lockdown implemented has changed the way humans used to live before. Hence the term “the new normal.”

Road travelers are almost giving up on their traveling goals and objectives. Months after the total lockdown, some countries began to reopen their transportation industries by a gradual process. Nigeria is no exception to this.

People are excited about the recent development, as they can proceed with their road trips to some locations while observing the COVID-19 buying and driving safety rules.

Most people are confused about where to visit after the COVID-19 lockdown. But some people have prepared to visit their loved ones, business areas, and other schedules. Let’s look at the road trips people will want to make with the ease of lockdown:

10 Road Trips we want to make post-COVID-19

Everyone had made his/her traveling plans even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Some people planned to travel to another continent either on business or for other reasons. Others had planned a local road trip within a particular geographical area.

Since the Coronavirus is still ravaging the world, most countries are yet to plan out their exit from the lockdown rules implemented to contain the virus.

These countries that are experiencing a higher spread of the virus have made it impossible for people to travel freely around the world.

In Nigeria, some people are still confused about the best road trip to make after the COVID-19. These are the 10 road trips we want to make post-COVID-19.

1. Business trip

Nigerians are known for always being on the roads for business purposes. Before the COVID-19 lockdown, businesses had been receiving special attention from owners who travel to further stock up on supplies, or to meet clients. The pandemic created a huge barrier between business owners and their various businesses.

People that have their business across states could not gain access to their far-off working places during the lockdown. The first trip that will appear in such people’s travel itinerary is a business trip. The essence of this trip is to revive the business and get it back to its previous state.

Popular business destinations in Nigeria include Lagos, Kano, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.


Sometimes business necessitated traveling outside borders like through the Seme border 

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2. Tourism trip

A lot of tourists had been denied access to some interesting sites during the lockdown. Therefore, in the earlier phase of the post-COVID-19 road trip, these tourists, both local and international, will focus their attention on various exciting locations to explore and learn new things.

Popular tourism destinations in Nigeria include Calabar (Obudu ranch), Imo (Oguta Lake), Lagos (Takwa Bay), Osun (Warm springs), Bauchi (Yankari Game reserve), Abuja, and Akwa Ibom.


Nigeria has hundreds of scenic sights that tourists cannot resist

3. The long-term slow trip

Some people see traveling as their personal businesses. Travel vloggers, for instance, usually engage themselves in a long term slow travel plan.

This strategy will enable them to learn more about other people’s cultures and lifestyles, and at the same time, help in making videos about their observations. If you love to vlog, you can use this post-COVID-19 period to start up your vlogging career.

Popular travel destinations for vloggers in Nigeria include anywhere there is an even or breaking news. Other interests to the vlogger could also push him/her in that direction.

4. Visiting relatives and friends on a trip

During the COVID-19, everyone communicated with their loved ones using telecommunication devices and the internet. Some people have stayed for months without seeing their loved ones physically. The post-COVID-19 road trips will definitely be planned in such a way that you can visit distant relatives and friends while observing the COVID-19 safety regulations.

Family and friends are located everywhere in Nigeria especially in rural areas.


Family-time via a road trip can be lots of fun

5. The package holiday trip

For months now, people have been isolated in their various homes. There is a need to visit an exciting place with your loved ones and spend quality time together.

The essence of this holiday trip is to enable your family to reunite outside your home. You will also taste what life is like in a fresher environment. Young couples should put this particular road trip into consideration.

Exciting holiday destinations include the beaches, cultural sites, natural tourist attractions, and annual events like the Calabar Carnival, or the Experience festival in Lagos.

6. The group trip

Before the pandemic, people usually travel in a group either for fun, work, research purposes, or on other schedules. Tourists especially love to travel in a large group or small groups.

However, the social distancing implemented for the safety regulation of people publicly may not permit the continuation of large group travel. This restriction may serve as a barrier to some tourists that wish to visit a particular site in a large group.

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No matter the plans you mapped out for group travel, you should be able to implement every safety measure needed to stop the spread of the COVID-19. You can do this, by traveling in a smaller group whenever the need arises.

7. The weekend break trip

Once the COVID lockdown is fully over, businesses and offices will resume work as well. Most people that are faced with a 9-5 pm working schedule need to take a special weekend break to relieve the stressful week they had. The essence of this break is to enable the workers to get ready for bigger tasks that await them in the coming week.

The most popular destinations for this include big hotels and getaways like the Transcorp Hilton hotel in Abuja, the Eko hotels in Lagos, Oriental Hotels in Lagos, and others.


Going away to a relaxing spot over the weekend is bae!

8. Shopping trip

During the COVID-19 lockdown, people learned how to manage their lives within their vicinity. But after the lockdown, people can extend their shopping routines to the next town. There is a need to embark on a road in order to gain access to needed household facilities in quantity and at cheaper prices.

Road trip destinations for this include big departmental stores like Shop Right, Park n Shop, Cash n Carry, and popular plazas.

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9. Relocation trip

Some people may have experienced ill-treatment from their neighbors or landlords. This category of travelers will likely relocate to find a safer city to stay in. Some people can no longer wait to embark on this relocation trip, and they have started making plans ahead of time.

You can locate to safer cities in Nigeria, especially those states not currently under siege from bandits and insurgents. Places like Imo, Lagos, and Akwa Ibom are relatively safer.

10. Event travel or trip

Before the coronavirus pandemic, people loved to visit live events or programs to enjoy a live show. But when the COVID-19 hit the world, the law enforcement agencies mandated the event organizers to close down their centers. After the COVID-19, people will embark on a road trip to visit the cinemas, sports stadiums, carnivals, and other event centers.

Check out this video of a road trip from Lag to Anambra:

Lagos to Anambra State|| Nigeria Road Trip Vlog

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Final Note

Road trips after COVID-19 will be fun, but it will never be the same with road trips before the COVID-19 scare. As a traveler, your major focus should be on the safety rules mapped out to stop the spread of the virus.

You will need to travel with personal protective equipment required to keep you and your co-travelers safe from the virus. Some of the PPE that you need include an alcohol-based sanitizer, nose masks, face shields, hand gloves, and many others. The amount of PPE that you should travel with has to depend on the number of days you will be spending at your new destination. As you enjoy the road trips to make post-COVID-19, always remember that your health should be your top priority.

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