Regina Daniels tours Abuja in a brand new Ferrari


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Would you pay to see Regina Daniels in a sleek red Ferrari? No, it's not a movie! Regina Daniels really drives a Ferrari, but is the vehicle hers? Check the information here!

Not surprisingly, teen actress and fast becoming one of Nollywood’s most controversial performers, Regina Daniels is again under the media searchlight. The actress who has raised all kinds of reactions following repeated appearances on gossip blogs, days ago posted a picture and a video of herself on IG, driving a flashy Ferrari around the streets of Abuja.

As seen in the video, Daniels seems to be having fun as she can be seen enjoying the ride in the bright red Ferrari and blasting loud music from the car’s sound system. Judging by both video and picture the actress appears to be in Transcorp Hilton Hotel area in Abuja at the time.

Video: See Regina Daniels driving her new N76 Ferrari

Of course, Regina Daniel has in the past acquired and driven expensive automobiles, so we are not at all surprised to see her driving this very expensive, high-performance vehicle. The only question is: who owns this Ferrari? Does it belong to the actress or a certain billionaire politician we keep hearing about in connection with Regina Daniels?


The actress is seen with a wide array of exotic cars, some of which she owns like this Benz SUV

Last week, after photos of Daniels boarding a private jet in Abuja surfaced online, posted by the actress herself, local tabloids began to circulate rumors of a secret marriage between the actor and a certain member of the House of Reps, alleged to be the benefactor behind Regina Daniels’ new found wealth. Reports went further to hint that the teen actress may now be the politician’s the sixth wife, with the full knowledge and support from her mother. Earlier on, Regina Daniels had bought a mansion for her mother. As at this time neither the actress nor the alleged politician has confirmed these stories.


Daniels is yet to confirm the ownership of the sports car

Meanwhile, the young actress made no mention if the red Ferrari was hers or was purchased by she. We can't say the exact model of Ferrari the actress was riding but it's quite certain that Ferrari prices go from $200,000 and above. That is about ₦72 million at least.

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