Nigeria's 1st organised Car Drift event held in Abuja this June


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If you are a fan of speed, torque and magnificent car stunts, then you must check pics of Nigeria's 1st ever organised car drift event held on 22nd June in Abuja! See details of the event here!

Do you enjoy watching Formula One races? Have you been an ardent follower of car drift videos online? Is one of your wishes to attend a car drifting event? That dream is about to come true as Nigeria witnesses its first ever fully organised car drift event.

Car Park Drift first time fully organized for Nigerians by Play Apparel

Play Apparel in partnership with BMW-TCN, Linchpin, Rear PR Consulting and Spequa Motors have decided to come up with a car drift show tagged - Car Park Drift!

The idea is to attract a lot of car lovers, ardent fans of top brands, enthusiasts and fun seekers with the aim of giving them a once in a lifetime thrill of the most creative maneuvers a car can attempt.


Abuja Central mosque used to witness informal car drifts in the early 2000s

If you are one of those who enjoy the Toyota vs Honda accord arguments or BMW vs Mercedes Benz comparisons, this event is definitely for you. The good thing about it is that it's actually the first ever organised car drift event to hold in Nigeria. Abuja has always been known for having some of the best drifters. In the early 2000s, informal car drift gatherings always took place around the Central mosque, in Central area, Abuja. But it was later stopped. Since then, the residents of the town have long awaited a well organised car drift event where they can enjoy stunts, heart pounding speed, torque and the finest of maneuvers.

5 major drifters at Car Park Drift, Abuja

With Heineken, Jagermeister and Red Bull as sponsors, Play Apparel decided to bring back the event but in a more planned out fashion. It will also have one of Nigeria's hottest musicians, Zlatan, in attendance. There will be 5 major drifters at the event and here's a quick profile of their cars:

  • Hashim Jammal - he will be driving a BMW E30 with a 2.5 liter engine and 200 horsepower.
  • Abdulahi - he will also be driving a BMW E30 but with a 3.4 liter engine and 204 horsepower output.
  • Auwwal Mohammed - he will be on a 210 horsepower 3.5 liter engine vehicle.
  • Jabbash - his car will be drifting on a 190 horsepower 2.8 liter engine.
  • Prince Martins - whose car comes with a 250 horsepower 3.5 liter engine.

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Profile of drivers for Play Apparel car park dift

A spokesperson from Rear PR, one of the organising teams, said that the drivers are professionals and will be well kitted up for the event.

"We know how important it is to drive safe and smart. The organizers have made every necessary preparations for the car drift event to ensure the safety of both onlookers and the drivers".

The event was held on the 22nd June, 2019 at the popular Eagles square in Abuja. The red carpet starts by 2pm. With all the Naijauto knowledge you have garnered, people attending the event have had great time interacting with like minds.


Two BMW fans checked in at the Car Park Drift

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