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The Monterey Car Week held in California was a blast back to back! Leading automakers put up a good performance.

The Monterey Car Week was held from  August 9, 2019 through August 18, 2019 in California USA to the delight of car lovers who turned out in large numbers for a thrilling experience. And they got more than they bargained for with a lineup of the most captivating cars on the planet. caught the most memorable highlights from the events for your reading pleasure.

1. Acura

Acura made it clear to everyone that it did not come to play as it put its best foot forward with its Type S Concept model at the show. This is inarguably a blueprint for the TLX Sedan of the next generation.

There are whispers from the grapevine that the much-anticipated TLX will be unveiled in a few months from now as a model for 2020. The Acura will boast of side mirrors, door handles and an interior not too different from that of the refurbished RDX Crossover. This remake design from the automaker was kicked of four years ago with the NSX from the second generation.


Acura showcased its Type S Concept model at the show

Acura reintroduced appearance trims of A Spec, combined with a brand new pentagon grille present in all its models. Also new in the offering is the six-cylinder engine that is turbocharged.

2. Aston Martin

British auto brand Aston Martin was very visible at the car show. Shining so bright with its Valhalla hyper car, it was hard to miss. As reveled by the automaker, the car was manufactured with advanced Red Bull technologies – an affiliate of the Red Bull Formula 1 group based in the UK.


Aston Martin displayed the Valhalla

To show just how special the Valhalla is, Aston Martin is not producing more than 300 units, and each one will be sold for nothing less than $1 million (₦362 million).  Aston Martin also gave the audience a sneak peak of its customized DBS Superleggera, and the House of Bijan luxury brand had the honors of commissioning it.

3. Bugatti

Volkswagen Group was proudly on the lineup with its exclusive French brand the Centodieci which was unveiled. From all indications, the Centodieci was used to pay tribute to the automaker’s sports ride of the 1990s, the EB110. This was before the ownership of Volkswagen.

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Bugatti put forward its French brand the Centodieci

One look at the Centodieci, and you will spot its resemblance to the EB110. Both have similar lines at the front, as well as on Bugatti’s horseshoe grille, reduced by the automaker on this model.

4. Lamborghini

Italians were fully represented as Lamborghini made a grand debut of two editions manufactured in small proportions.

You get a close look of Lamborghini’s personalization system with the Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster – a product highly focused on carbon fiber. According to the automaker, there is carbon fiber on various parts of the car including the engine cover, roof, wing mirrors and engine air vents. It also gives customers the options of matte or shiny carbon fiber.


The audience saw the Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster from Lamborghini

5. Lotus

The Evija full-electric hypercar from Lotus finally got its much-deserved public debut at the Monterey Car Week. According to Lotus, this will give other car series a run for their money as it is set to become the most powerful series ever seen. The UK brand which is now owned by Chinese Geely has disclosed that it will manufacture only 1,000 units to be put up for sale at $2.11 million (₦726 million).


Lotus made a statement with the Evija full-electric hypercar

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6. Bentley

The Monterey Car Show was an avenue for Bentley to make its US debut of two latest models including a far-out concept and production concept.

Also on display by the automaker was the third-generation flying spur, all redesigned. Lovers of the Sedan would have to wait a little longer till early 2020 when its sales will begin.


Bentley brought forth the EXP 100 GT concept

Marking the milestone of 100 years this year, the British automaker also showcased its EXP 100 GT concept. This car is refreshingly different as it displays futuristic luxury going all the way to 2035 – a time predicted for autonomous technology to go alongside batteries with long range.

7. McLaren

A teaser photo was the big news shown by British automaker McLaren.

The luxury brand told the excited audience that a yet-to-be-named open-air two-seat roadster would be added to its Ultimate Series, in the lines of the P1, Speedtail and Senna. Speaking further, McLaren stated that the debut of the vehicle will be made in 2020.


McLaren kept the audience in suspense with a yet-to-be named model

One outstanding element of the photo was that there was no windshield on the roadster. Only 399 units will be produced.

8. Roll-Royce

The car show would be incomplete if luxury brand Rolls-Royce did not turn up. The British automaker made a strong statement with its Pebble Beach 2019 Collection. It has no fewer than 13 models with customized features. Also unveiled by Roll-Royce was the Cullinan SUV.  According to Rolls-Royce, this was their 12th bespoke model.


Rolls-Royce unveiled its Pebble Beach 2019 Collection

9. Pagani

Italian brand Pegani stood tall at the car show. The brand which has been in existence for the past 20 years unveiled its Huayra Roadster BC, priced at $2.4 million (₦871 million). Video game lovers had the privilege to get a glimpse of this ride before it made its physical debut at the Monterey Car Week. 

The car boasts of very light weight of 2,755 pounds.


Pagani showed forth its Huayra Roadster BC

Wow, the Monterey car week sure was exciting. How are you going to go about actually riding one of these big auto reveals? Well, keep us posted!

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