Weststar marks 40 years of Mercedes G-Class Off-roader in Nigeria


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Weststar is celebrating the G-Class 40 years of dominance as an off-road SUV. Click here to see more information and photos of this iconic vehicle!

There is one thing peculiar with Mercedes products, which is class. One of the top models in Mercedes fleets is the G-Class luxury off-road vehicle. It retains its position as the first model of Mercedes Benz SUV to have the 3 pointed stars. G-Class off roader is the only passenger car model version with the longest manufacturing run in the Mercedes, German automaker old history. There is no way you will see any off-road model from this company without the upper-case ‘G’ in its name. This year, the company is celebrating G-Class 40 years of landmark in the industry.

How did it begin? - The history of Mercedes-Benz G-class

The story of Mercedes-Benz G-Class we all know today began with the joint agreement between the Daimler-Benz Ag and Steyr-Daimler-Puch in the city of Graz, Austria in 1972. This story is a mixture of thrills and milestone. However there was much of a difference with the first concept that was developed. It was a pure ingenuous design for off-road capability by a team of auto designers. They also made the car appealing to loyal customers by making it a full featured and safe car for recreational purposes. It is an all-wheel drive for any kind of rough terrain and has a 100% differential lock.

image-of- G-Class Weststa

Since its debut in 1979, G-Class Weststar different models have watered the appetite of its fans

When the first model was launched in the market in the spring of 1979, it was released with an option of four variants which covered a performance range from 53/72 hp to 115/156 hp. There was option of cabriolet with a station wagon version (short or long wheel base) or just short wheel base for prospective clients.

It wasn’t until 1989 that 463 model version for the off-roaders made an evolution that wasn’t at the pace of technical growth. The success of this model resulted in increased fan base and the exclusive position of the vehicle for any kind of event. The G-Class became a labeled and official name in 1993.

The “popemobile” from the G-Class models enjoys much deserved fame in the world. The vehicle is painted in “mother of pearl” with a special transparent body which always followed Pope John Paul II on his several journeys from 1980.

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This "Popemobile" vehicle are frequently used till date

G-class Off-roaders: From 25th to 40th anniversary

When the company celebrated its 25th anniversary of the Off-road G-Class, a new car was debuted and released into the market. This model was very specially honed by Mercedes-AMG (G 55 AMG Kompressor). It had a remarkable performance rate using eight cylinder power units (700m of torque, 350kw/476 horsepower).

It has a ground clearance of 45 centimeters enough to make driving on rough terrain less of discomfort. From 2015 till date, the range has given prospective customers the chance to get a customized G-Class with unique and exclusive equipment variants that link and sync perfectly with each other.


Rough or rocky terrain has never been an issue for this Rugged G-Class Mercedes product

With the reinvention of the iconic Mercedes Maybach G 650 Landaulet in 2017, it comes with a V12 engine with an effective fuel economy, combined CO2 emission, electric fabric top, portal axles and specially designed rear compartment. It really doesn’t get better than this. It is an all-terrain vehicle restricted to ninety nine units produced, which has met the required standard needed by customers in their vehicles. This vehicle is definitely one of the most customized SUVs for of open air fun.

A 300,00th assembly line of G-Class was rolled in the summer of the 2017 in Graz. A Mercedes Benz G 500 in a blue metallic ad contrasting topstitching in white. It features terrain tires which are mounted on its 16-inch black rims with a roof rack, which is sturdy.

2019 Mercedes G-CLASS - CRASH TEST

The latest produced G-Class has definitely experienced the biggest transformation in the model 40 years of rich heritage. Though it still retains some of the features from the design icon but it has gone beyond people’s expectations. It promises better off-road performance, agility, dynamism and comfort when also on the road than previous versions.

If you are thinking of getting the latest G-Class model, it is currently available at the various authorized Mercedes auto dealerships all over the country.

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