Massive recall of 43k Toyota Yaris by June


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Do you own a 2015-2017 Toyota Yaris? Bad news as mid year frustration awaits 43,000 owners of Toyota Yaris that could be affected in a recall of the car.

Japanese multinational automaker, Toyota has announced Tuesday, 23rd April that it will be recalling about 43,000 units of the 2015-2017 Toyota Yaris from owners. This recalling will be for just the Toyota Yaris hatchback as the Toyota Yaris sedan won't be affected. The Toyota Yaris has become a very popular hatchback over the years,

This measure comes as a result of faulty wiring in the car’s airbag deployment system. The front door of each car carries a side airbag sensor and wiring harness that connects to the control unit. Toyota discovered that this wiring harness is prone to corrosion possibly leading to false triggering of the airbag warning light, or a possible failure of the airbag to deploy on impact.


2017 Toyota Yaris hatchback recalled with the 2015 model

A perfectly functioning car airbag system is one of the safety features that a good car should possess, and one customers routinely expect. When issues like these are not quickly fixed, they could lead to injuries or lawsuits, resulting in loss in sales for that car brand.

Toyota did not specify whether there have been recorded injuries as a result of accidents involving the 2015-2017 Toyota Yaris hatchback. The car maker also do not specify if the affected cars are part of a specific series of build dates or VINs for easy tracking or location.

According to Toyota, when the recalled vehicles are collected, Toyota technicians will swap out the old wiring harnesses which are potentially fault and replace them with functional harnesses, which should fix the problem immediately.


Interior of 2015 Toyota Yaris

Toyota also disclosed that affected owners of the Toyota Yaris should be expecting to receive a recall notification in the mail by mid-June.

This is not the first time that vehicles have been recalled by automakers. Whatever the size or capacity of car, there are chances that it could develop some fault or that its automaker might have missed something during its production. What matters is that the problem is discovered and fixed early enough to avoid unfortunate incidents.

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