Newly bought Lamborghini Diablo totaled in freak Australian car crash


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Somewhere in Sydney Australia is a most unhappy Lamborghini owner who crashed his newly acquired Diablo last week. Read here details of the incident!

So last week saw a super expensive crash far away in Sydney, one of Australia’s most popular cities. The event? Nothing less than the crash of Italian made Lamborghini Diablo supercar. The jury is still out on what exactly happened, but the reports have it that it was  a case of losing control of the rear wheel drive, V12 engine powered vroom monster.

Now, of course older cars like this baby don’t have all the tech gizmos the newer models spot, like collision prevention, and lane assist, so those probably weren’t there to help the unnamed driver who apparently drove off the road and into a ditch.


The bottom of a ravine is the last place you would expect to see one of the world's supercars

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The damage to the car was mostly centered around the front, windshield, roof and doors. There is also a report of quarter panels behind being trashed. Reports say the car was totaled, although the driver escaped virtually unhurt.

The news broke first online on the FB page of the “Australian Crash Investigation Unit” and furthermore, the page made its reader aware of the stunning fact that the car had been newly purchased.

A Lamborghini Diablo costs anywhere between $187,000 and $200,000 or ₦67,320 million to ₦72 million.

Specs of this Diablo are not officially known from Police records but it is most likely a V12, rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated, 5.7L model. It should also be packing around 485 horsepower and putting out something in the region of 428 lb-ft, which is equivalent to 580 Nm, of Torque.  It also appears to be a before-facelift model.


An inglorious exit to a supercar is not an everyday sight as the wrecked Diablo was carted away

The all-wheel drive VT model of the Lamborghini Diablo was plan to follow manufactured in 1993 making the crashed version older. A good plan to follow when behind an old skool type supercar like this, is to give it plenty of respect by watching what you are doing all the time.

One would love to tell the driver and maybe owner to look on the bright side, but with the expensive Diablo junkyard bound, it’s going to be difficult for him to tell exactly where that side is at present.

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