Lagos hosts Tough Tourers motorsports mega-event


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Largest gathering of motorbike adventurer rides tours 2500 km to end in Lagos

The city of Lagos, come march the 23rd will act as both terminus and host to the culmination and awards ceremony of the largest assembly of motor bike enthusiasts ever in Nigeria, the Tough Tourers awards. The organizers of the event made this known to the News Agency of Nigeria though its media coordinator, Temitope Sanni. Miss Sanni further disclosed that motor adventurers from all over the country are expected to grace and participate in the event.


Lagos cty hosts this gathering of motorbike adveturers

Tough Tourers is not a new concept, and serves as a fulcrum for motor riders, bike enthusiasts and long distance riders from all over the country to engage and network. The Organization also plansand organizes motor bike events that extend beyond Nigeria’s borders, thus laying a foundation for cross border sports engagements. As part of the 5 day event, distinguished riders will be feted, having successfully completed the 2500 km long distance ride.

It is expected that the event will witness record breaking feats as well as serve as amazing entertainment for residents of the states along the route and the whole country in general.

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This year, the theme of the tour is “Tough Tourers Awrds and Finishers Banquet,” which is a testament, as well as a celebration of the resilience and staying power of Nigerian youths.  


Tough Tourers celebrates endurance and performance

The tour will expectedly zoom off from Uyo,  Akwa Ibom, encountering some scenic and formidable challenges along its route to culminate in the city of Lagos. It also affords riders as well as spectatators a great opportunity to see the raw beauty of Nigeria’s multi-diverse bio-system and landscape. They will traverse 15 major towns in five days, while being permited only 5 stop points in the 5 days of the 2500 km ride. It is designed to bring out qualities of perseverance, performance and endurance in both man and machine.


Lagos attracts many tourism centered events

In addition to the raw excitement of the ride proper, numerous side attractions are to be looked forward to at the Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos awards ceremony venue. Fun and games are holding from 10 a.m. on the 23rd of March. These side attractions will include comedy, music, dance, and a banquet.

Tickets can be bought by everyone through Social media handles are @toughtourers across the social media space.

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