Innoson make its appearance at the Intra-African Trade Fair 2018


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The Intra-African Trade fair 2018 is happening in Cairo, Egypt from December 11 to December 17.

The Intra-African Trade fair 2018  is the first ever to happens in Africa after the world has recorded success from what the same kind of regional trade fairs has gained in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Poster of the Intra-African trade fair 2018

The Intra-African Trade fair 2018 is happening in Cairo, Egypt from December 11 to December 17

When asked about its most pristine objectives of the ideas to bring in the Intra-African Trade fair, the organizers and the responsible all gives out an unanimous answer that is to pave ways for the continental brands to showcase their top products, which acts as a premise for a less poor and more affluent Africa in the future. The trade fair is not only for sellers but investors are encouraged to get involved as well. Chances are open for them to explore the potential business inside the continent of Africa.

Clothing designs, agricultural goods, and footwear are dominating the fair but what is expected the most from this international fair is the presence of Innoson Motors - the pride of Nigeria. This is a great chance for our made-in-Nigeria vehicles to reach out for the world and the Nigerian carmaker didn't miss it.

The first-ever made-in-Nigeria carmaker has landed a spot for its campaign in Cairo, Egypt. Everything is just ready to serve visitors with sufficient knowledge of Innoson's models.

Aside from that, Innoson has published its own poster emphasizing its pride to be the pioneer of made-in-Nigeria car manufacturing.

Let's take a look at the first images of Innoson at Intra-African Trade Fair:

The booth of Innoson Motors in the Intra-African trade fair 2018

The pride of Nigeria joins the ITAF2018

The Innoson Nigeria Ltd booth in the Intra-African trade fair 2018

This will be a step closer to more exposure to international customers

Video: #IATF2018 #tradewithafrica Intra-Africa Trade Fair (IATF)

You just read an article on the Intra-African Trade fair 2018 and Innoson Motors that join the trade fair to gain more exposure to the foreign markets. Latest and hottest news about cars are updated daily on, make sure to stay tuned!

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