10 reasons why Honda Accord 2019 won best car of the year


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Sleek chassis, extra spacious interior, fuel economy, and affordability are a summary that earned the Honda Accord 2019 the AutoWeb Buyer’s choice best car of the year award

Saloon cars used to be in the pinnacle of the market way back in the early centuries but have witnessed a decline in attention over the recent years with the introductions of more model builds like the crossovers, coupe hatchbacks, space-buses, SUVs, etc.

Many brands at some point abandoned their saloon models to focus on these newer inclusions but we saw brands like Honda and Toyota stay the course on their saloon models.

Generally, the newer model cars couldn’t have taken the spot of the saloon cars in some areas where Fuel efficiency and maintenance are the main consideration is choosing a car as the crossover cars, SUVs, etc. tend to be more expensive, less fuel efficient and have higher maintenance costs.

One of the salon models that has stood this test of time is the Honda Accord Saloon cars. Having considered all necessary factors, the demand for the mid-size saloon model has been on the increase in many parts of the world including Nigeria and has made them a household favorite in these areas. The Honda Accord model saw a total overhaul in the 2018 edition that has got many car enthusiasts talking. That and many more reasons is what has won the Honda Accord 2019 saloon the AutoWeb Buyer’s choice best car of the year award.

Here Naijauto have 10 reasons why buyers rooted for this simply amazing car model helping it to win the award.

1. Not expensive to own

The Honda Accord 2019 is a luxury to behold but interestingly not one to break your bank. The car is fitted with an alloy wheel, keyless entry with push to start button and the Honda Sensing suite (one of their newest safety features) and costs less than N10 million.

The Accord 2019 top of the line model (Touring) also has a good bargain on it considering its high-end luxury features like adaptive suspension dampers, rain sensing windshield wipers, head-up display and heated rear seats for those in cold regions and costs just around N 12million.


Honda Accord Touirng is the top of the line model for Honda Accord 2019

2. It doesn’t have a cheap look

One beautiful feature of the Honda Accord 2019 is the luxury outlook it carries. You don’t have to feel less of anything driving around in one of them as they are built with a unique aesthetic appeal. From the stylish outlook to modern high quality interior build and its powertrain that gives you a redefined driving experience and high tech safety measures, you probably won’t be needing a million dollar Bugatti to savour the taste of those stunning features.

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3. Comprehensive and user-friendly Infotainment system

The Honda Accord 2019 has a very user-friendly control system all placed with a mix of well positioned button, knobs and an 8-inch screen command (touch screen in some newer models).

The Honda Accord infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration and its mobile app allows your lock, unlock and start the car remotely using your phone. It has standard Bluetooth connectivity and its top of the line touring model also gives you the option of sync compatibility with smartphones using near-field communication (NFC) technology.


The Honda Accord infotainment supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration

4. Advanced crash control features

The Honda Sensing suite now comes in the new Honda Accord 2019. It’s a driver assistance technology with emergency brake system, lane keeping steering assistance, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition ability and so on. These features may be met with extra charges on other Honda models but are standard fit on every Accord model.

5. Fuel-saving Hybrid model

There is a fuel-saving hybrid model in the lineups. This hybrid (gas-electric) model cost about more six hundred thousand naira more than the regular gasoline engine Accord but with the advantages the hybrid has over the gas-only engine types, this can be said to be worth the top-up.

Video: Honda Accord Hybrid 2019 | Real-life review

6. Fuel economy

The Honda Accord have got minimal fuel consumption. So it doesn’t matter if you do not have the extra six hundred thousand naira for the hybrid model, you are covered getting one of the regular gas-only models. The model comes with two four cylinder turbo charged engine types: the regular 1.5liter and the 2.0-liter engine with both offering regular fuel consumption grade compared to many other midsize saloon cars.

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7. Sporty with fun driving experience.

The most recent models of the Honda Accord have left the generic boring family car build to a more sporty yet spacious outlook. Also, if you love the pleasure of shifting your own gear, the new Sport trim Honda Accord model gives you the feel with a six-speed manual transmission system on both its 1.5 and 2.0-liter engines to give you a downright electrifying driving experience.


The Honda Accord has a sporty outlook

8. Spacious interior

Though with sport design, the Honda Accord 2019 still offers enough legroom which is traditional for all Accord models. It can comfortable fit 4 adults on the rear seats and have enough trunk space so all luggage can fit in the trunk giving more room for its passengers. So the driving fun and sleek outlook aren’t the only thing that stands out with this saloon car but it’s also one of the most spacious saloon cars in the market.


The Honda Accord 2019 offers enough legroom which is traditional for all Accord models

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9. A wide range of models and prices

The Honda Accord 2019 model gives you a lot of options in its builds with different price tags for your money’s worth. The pocket-friendly 1.5-liter, increased performance 2.0-liter, and the Hybrid engine models are three distinctive models you can choose from. There are also five trim levels within the range of N9million – N13million naira.

With its rather affordable price range, the icing on the cake is that the Accord model has an outstanding resale value. So you do not have to be worried about getting a buyer when you want to trade your used Honda Accord.

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10. All about what people love about cars.

Sleek chassis, extra spacious interior, fuel economy, and affordability are a summary that earned the Honda Accord 2019 the AutoWeb Buyer’s choice best car of the year award. If you have to choose one sedan for yourself, then the Honda Accord 2019 must be among the best choices!

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