Egbin Power set to promote the use of electric vehicles in Nigeria


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Egbin Power, a subsidiary of the Sahara Power Group, has pledged to promote the use of electric-powered vehicles in Nigeria. See how!

We are quite convinced that the use of electric-powered vehicles will happen sooner or later in Nigeria. Many companies both local and international are taking it upon themselves to make such big dream a reality.

One of these companies is Egbin Power Plc, which is a member of the Sahara Power Group. The company has pledged recently that in line with the alternative energy efforts of the federal government, Egbin Power will promote the use of electric vehicles in Nigeria.


Egbin Power recently unveiled electric vehicles and bicycles in Nigeria

From what we learnt, this information was revealed during the launch of electric-powered vehicles and bicycles at their company this Tuesday. Their facility where the unveiling event took place is known to be the location for the biggest power plant in Nigeria.

The question is whether we are ready for electric cars or not is a spicy food for thought. Regardless, the initiative to bring such into Nigeria is a welcomed development.

According to Mr. Temitope Shonubi, who is the current Chairman, Board of Directors of Egbin Power PLC, recently disclosed the intention of the company towards the promotion of healthy living, clean energy, productivity, environmental sustainability, excellent performance, and safety.

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He further revealed that twenty buggies (small vehicles) and five hundred bicycles would be given out to their staff to be using inside the facility so as to protect the environment as well as alleviate the problems associated with carbon emission.

The Chairman also said that the Nigerian Government was attempting to make provision for alternative energy usage in vehicles such as Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

In another interesting story, check out when Senator Ben Bruce unveiled one of the very first electric cars in Nigeria:

Ben Murray-Bruce Unveils Electric Car In Nigeria - Pulse TV Exclusive

Shonubi said his company and the government will play their roles in making sure the use of electric vehicles in Nigeria is a big success despite the challenges of electricity supply in Nigeria.

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