Lol....Drug dealer hides hard drugs in the tire of his Hilux but still got busted!


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An innovative drug dealer finds a really smart way to beat the authorities but still gets busted. You can see the full details below

Drug smugglers and dealers around the world, in collaboration with the different cartels they are affiliated to, are finding different innovative ways all in a bid to evade the strategies the authorities are employing to stop the illicit flow of dangerous hard drugs through their borders. These authorities have been reporting numerous drug busts on a regular basis, foiling the various attempts by these gangs to beat the system.

A recent catch is that of a 24-year-old man who decided on an age-old innovative drug trafficking method to smuggle a large cache of drugs into the US. The young American citizen, stacked up the tires of his Ford F-150 Hilux with drugs reportedly worth about $4,327,000, which is equivalent to a whooping ₦1.69 Trillion. Funny enough, that figure is over 10% of our 2020 budget...Lol. 


The drug dealer tried to conceal his run in the tires of his Hilux truck

The drug cache contained black-tar Heroin which made up 76.10% of the whole cache with a street value of about $3,293,000 or about ₦1.29 Trillion, while the remaining portion was mainly methamphetamine. Reacting to the bust a director in the US Customs and Border Protection Department in charge of the Port of Hidalgo/Pharr/ Anzalduas stated,

“This was definitely a significant interception of hard narcotics that our frontline officers accomplished this weekend,” he went further to say that “Keeping drugs out of our communities is a top priority for CBP Field Operations.”


Buckets containing the ₦1.69 trillion worth of seized hard drugs

Image: Courtesy of US CBP

Drug cartels around the globe are trying every possible means to beat the system, but the authorities on their own part are making sure they are surely a number of steps ahead of them. Utilizing various strategies and tech-aided tools to make sure the system is tight and no one ends up beating the dogs, psychologists, or the Non-Intrusive Inspection technologies available at the different ports of entry across the borders. New tech like Volkswagen's anti vomit technology and other innovations continue to make driving, and the country generally, safer.

Check out this funny episode with drug smugglers below in the video:

Drug smugglers' caught in the act

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