Motul Oil trains Lagos customers on difference between natural and synthetic oil


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International motor lubricants company, Motul Oil in collaboration with Infinity Tyres Limited have organised a training workshop for Nigerian customers and technicians on the difference between natural oil and synthetic oil. The one-day training workshop was tagged: “Motul School for technicians and users of engine oil in Lagos”. See more details below!

Motul Oil has conducted a one-day training workshop for technicians and their customers on the difference between natural and synthetic oil.

The Europe-based oil company conducted the workshop in conjunction with Infinity Tyres Limited.

The training which held at Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos was tagged: “Motul School for technicians and users of engine oil in Lagos”., your foremost car partner reliably gathered that the training was conducted by an International certified technical trainer, Mr. Chitprasong Prasit.

Mr. Prasit was sent down from Motul’s headquarters in France. The Frenchman during the course of the workshop explained to the technicians and customers present the individual importance of engine oil.

According to Mr. Prasit, the functions of engine oils extends in two direction, one functions to reduce friction on metallic parts and the other functions to clean up the engine.

Coming from an expert in engine lubrication, these lessons are worth noting and applied in everyday car maintenance.

The technical trainer further revealed that “Lubricants are made of base oil and additives.”


Motul Oil is a renowned French company, working with such carmakers as Toyota, BMW or Volvo

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Naijauto can also confirm that base oil is the name given to lubrication grade oils produced from refining crude oil or through chemical synthesis. Base oil gotten from refining crude oil is called mineral base oil while that gotten through chemical synthesis is called synthetic base oil.

The Motul expert further revealed that there is a huge difference between mineral oil and synthetic oils which is so much better.

According to him, the synthetic oil gives extra boost to car engines and also enhances the general performance of the car while also saving fuel. He suggested that most car engine oil manufacturers deceive users by tagging their products as semi-synthetic oils.

According to him, semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic oil and should not be paraded as better than synthetic oils which are actually better. Terms like “fully synthetic” and “100% synthetic” mean entirely different things.

The Motul trainer further revealed that in order to protect their customers from getting deceived, the company has developed the Techosynthese, a brand name for its semi-synthetic oil.

We are bringing you this important update because it has come from the horse’s mouth. Motul has been blending engine oil for 165 years which makes the company a renowned engine oil producer in the world.

Motul has a range of products which are all manufactured in Europe majorly in France, Spain and Italy. Concerning expertise and certifications, Mr. Prasit stated  that the company has been certified by major players in car manufacturing such as Toyota, BMW, Volvo, Renault, Merecedes and others.

Motul apart from engine oil manufacturing also offers other range of products such as transmission oil, grease, engine coolants, and engine flushers. The company does own the Lescot brand which manufactures a range of car care products.

By the end of the training session, the Motul trainer had succeded in arming the participants with information on the difference between natural and synthetic oil.  Participants were also presented with certificates of participation, bringing the event to a remarkable end.

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