Popular Nigeria Musician, Davido, to Purchase Cars for Members of his Crew


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Davido announced to buy dream autos for his entire crew! Yes, he isn't joking. Check out the latest updates around the event here, on Naijauto.com!

In the Nigeria entertainment industry, many celebrities are known for gifting out automobiles to their friends, fans and families but recently,  Davido, the award winning Nigeria singer, is trending on the Internet for his vow to go on a car buying spree for all members of his music group.  The “Wonder Woman” crooner is quite known by many for his acts of generosity to some; this latest demonstration of kindness doesn’t seem surprising to many whom have benefited from him in the past.


Davido is one of Nigeria's most popular & richest artistes

This week, when the singer did announce on his social media page that he will be going shopping for all his crew, fans may have disregarded the post being that members of his crew are many and buying cars for every one of them will take a chunk from the famous 30B account. Others speculate on the models of car Davido will be purchasing.

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Few minutes after the post, the singer on Instagram announced the news of the brand new luxury car he gifted to one of his music group known with an Instagram handle as @aloma_dmw. While sharing the news, the singer also revealed that the young man who he gifted the gift to has been with him all through and was indeed a friend and a brother. And he also stated that this car shopping initiative is a way he intends to treat those who have stood with him through thick, thin and his many controversies.


Davido's act is a special thank to his supportive crew

From the Instagram post, we could see that the automobile which the star artist gave his said good friend is a Benz (named after it founders Karl Benz), the popular automobile loved by many cars lovers in Nigeria.

Being that most Benz products are quite known for their performance and price, the automobile is truly a gem. We say congratulations to the young man who received the gift and the said crew members who in turn will be receiving their cars from Davido soon. Happy driving, guys!

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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