List of countries that will soon ban use of gasoline powered cars


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These ten countries have gone one step ahead of others in banning the use of gasoline powered cars to save our planet. Check who they are & what's their plan below!

The world is gong frenzy over the advent of electrified vehicles. We cannot put blame on any of them since they are doing that for a good cause. Obviously they are trying to save money off constant purchase of fuel and at the same time reducing maintenance cost and zero emission.

Some countries are really taking proactive steps toward making their entire citizenry embrace the electric vehicles. By doing so, they are placing bans on gasoline or diesel powered cars. Here on Naijauto, are those countries set to prohibit the use of gasoline powered cars.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica in 2018 made an announcement that the country will be banning all petrol and diesel engine powered cars by 2021. This came quite shocking especially considering the small size of the country. On the bright side, it would be easier to achieve since its population is just five million people.

2. Norway

In 2017, the resolve was made officially public and it is expected to take full effect as from 2025. This ban would affect cars that are newly sold. By implication, this means that it does not affect people that are already using these cars. But if you are thinking of getting one, you would have to go for electric vehicle or face penalty.

Norway: The Electric Car Capitol of The World

3. Denmark

The announcement was publicly made known in year 2019. This means the country is placing ban on petrol powered vehicles starting from year 2030. This ban only covers the newly purchased vehicles.

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4. India

This is one country that you cannot but support the move of the government to place ban on petrol using vehicles. Why is this? India is infamous for being one of the most CO2 emissions’ contributors in the universe. This particular ban would be effective from 2030 upward when it was announced in 2017. Just like other countries, the ban would cover only those going for new vehicles sales.


Many countries are joining hands against the production and usage of petrol or diesel powered cars

5. Ireland

Ireland is also taking that strong side in siding with several other countries that are fully going for electrified vehicles. In 2018, the announcement was made and it will take effect from 2030, affecting only the newly purchased vehicles.

6. Israel

The ban will commence in 2030. When the official announcement was made in 2018, the ban specifically covers only the imported vehicles in the country. This is a bit different from other countries who are standing against petrol using vehicles on all new car sales.

7. Netherlands

Just like most of the countries highlighted above, the announcement in 2017 covers the new vehicle sales and would start by 2030.

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8. China

China is also among the major participants in contributing to carbon emissions. In the bid to alleviate this, the country is going fully electric while putting ban in 2017, which will take effect from 2040 for new car sales.


In recent times, several electrified vehicles are being unveiled at various auto shows across the globe

9. France

Being the tenth largest producer of passenger cars in the world, France in 2018 alone made an approximated 2.27 million units of vehicles. In 2017, the ban was placed on gasoline using engines and that would take effect from 2040 for sales of new vehicles.

10. United Kingdom

This ban on petrol using cars in 2017 would affect England, Northern Ireland and Wales which would start from 2040. For Scotland, it would start from 2032. This ban will cover only the sales of new cars.

Looks like these countries are really committing to environmental sustainability, which is really commendable.

When do you think Nigeria as a country will stop petrol using cars from plying the road? See how Nigerians react to Senator Been Bruce's electric car bill, you can tell whether that scenario can happen or not!

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