BMW Motorrad Days: BMW X7 converted into a real pickup truck


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The conversion of X7, the most luxurious member of the BMW crossover family to a pickup trick, would come as a shock to many but it was only created for a show. Check its pic and specs below!

Obviously, many would be shocked seeing the conversion of the most luxurious model of BMW crossovers - BMW X7 into a pickup truck by the manufacturer itself.

Well, don’t get too excited yet; it is only produced for the sake of BMW Motorrad Days of the company, where it will be shown alongside several motorcycles.

The study has vocational trainees of BMW behind it, which is based on a prototype. This is also the product of corroboration with the divisions of Concept Vehicle Constriction and Model Technology at the Munich plant. They spent up to ten months in completing it. This implies the commencement of work a month earlier before the unveiling of the BMW X7 last year October to the world.


The custom-made pickup is a concept derived from the conversion of luxury X7 BMW SUV

This visionary project was made 4-inch (10cm) longer when compared with the SUV. There is variation in its bed’s length from 55-77 inches (1.4 – 2.0m), opening and closing respectively. CFRP has been used on certain components which include the rear doors, roof and rear lid. This is exactly shaving 441 lbs (200kg) from the X7’s weight.

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While keeping its ambience of luxury, the cabin comes equipped with seating for five, planned to be used optimally and to be taken out for a spin by the trainees. They also plan to go for a mountain trip in this BMW X7 pickup truck.

2020 BMW X7 Pickup official concept

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The automaker has decided to load it up with an F 850 GS bike, in order to show its practicality. This means its wheel will come in contact with the handcrafted teakwood which the bed has been fitted with. To complete its look, BMW has deployed a Tanzanite Blue metallic colour, an inspiration from yachting sports and signatories by individuals from BMW.

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