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BMW appoints Uwe Dreher, a 17-year veteran, to lead its North American marketing post

By Henry Egan
Publish on June 07, 2019

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BMW AG has promoted one of her very finest people, in person of Uwe Dreher a long serving marketing executive to the Head of Marketing for BMW of North America. See details below!

The auto manufacturing industry is now officially on a roll as regards new appointments. Just when General Motors appointed new leadership for its Defense business unit, BMW has also made new appointments involving promotions and roles reshuffling.

1. Uwe Dreher promoted to Marketing Lead for BMW in North America

BMW has promoted one of her very finest people, in person of Uwe Dreher a long serving marketing executive. Uwe Dreher has been with BMW since January 2002 when he was appointed as a Brand Manager for the BMW Mini.


Uwe Dreher takes over from Trudy Hardy as North America Marketing Chief

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He has been appointed the Marketing lead for BMW of North America with effect from 1st July, 2019. Uwe Dreher takes over the helms of affairs from Trudy Hardy who has been appointed the Vice President BMW Motorrad of the Americas. Uwe Dreher will be reporting to Bernhard Kuhnt, President and Chief Executive Officer CEO of BMW of North America. Speaking on the Dreher’s appointment, Bernhard Kuhnt, president & CEO of BMW of North America, stated:

“We thank Trudy for all her great work over the years and are excited to welcome Uwe to the United States, one of the biggest BMW markets in the world, to build upon that momentum,”

“His passion for the brand, combined with his varied global marketing experience makes him a great addition to our leadership team. As BMW continues the largest product offensive in our history, we look forward to working together with Uwe to further sharpen our customer focus and solidify our brand position”

Uwe Dreher’s new role will see him oversee every product planning and marketing communication for promoting the BMW brand in the U.S market, while working as part of the Executive Management Team of BMW of North America.

2. Uwe Dreher's advantages & challenges in the new role

Uwe Dreher studied Business Administration at the University of Ravensburg, Germany and has served BMW for over 17 years.He has served in several marketing roles within the company with the most recent being his job at the BMW Group headquarters Munich where he served as the Vice President for Global brand communication with emphasis on BMW, BMW I and BMW M brands.

In this role, he helped in the launch of the BMW I brand which is an electric car offering from BMW. In 2007, he became the Lead of all product placements and motorsport marketing where he helped managed BMW’s exit from Formula one in 2009. In 2013, Dreher took over from Chris Brownridge as UK marketing director and held the position till 2015.

With United States being a major market for the BMW Brand, the company has put up an excellent strategy for the region that will require a solid marketing team to promote her newest offerings the X7, the 3 Series and the Z4 Roadster. The company through the North America CEO Bernhard Kuhnt described this strategy in very non ambiguous terms as the largest offensive in the company’s history.

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The First Ever BMW X7, a key element of the North America strategy

Uwe Dreher will be playing a very vital role to help deliver the aspects of the company strategy. The job will be to strengthen and consolidate the already established BMW brand in North America.

With the current market figures, the company will need to maintained its push to leverage her strong position over companies like Mercedes Benz (closest Rival), which she over took in the first quarter of the year in the US with sales rising by 0.4% to beat her closest rival Mercedes Benz whose sales dropped by 11% in the US.

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