BMW unveils gaze detection system, car can now know what you're looking at


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BMW has shown the future of their car by unveiling the gaze detection system which tracks what a driver is looking at to provide information.

Many automakers used the CES 2020 to demonstrate and show off the future of the automotive industry through their latest vehicles. BMW wasn't left behind as going a step further to introduce their new gaze detection system, which learned that it might determine the car's surroundings and go ahead to give useful information to assist the driver.


The gaze detection system is BMW's future of autonomous mobility

Here's what's more specific about how the system operates:

With the engine running, the car starts to sensor what's going on both inside and outside of the car. For example, you are now driving pass a cinema mall, and all you are expecting to see is the film that is being displayed, then the AI system would suggest you with information of the film, and so on. The purpose is to improve the interaction between the driver and the vehicle, making it more like you're speaking to another human rather than a machine.

The German automaker used their concept car dubbed BMW i Interaction EASE to demonstrate the new technology. With the focus on the interior, the I Interaction EASE showed some features that will make the interaction between the driver and the car's system easier using gesture, touch control, and speech recognition.

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The concept car dubbed BMW i Interaction EASE was used to demonstrate the new technology

BMW Group's Design Director, Adrian van Hooydook explained that,

The BMW i Interaction EASE demonstrates what mobility might feel like in the future once autonomous driving becomes commonplace: luxurious, human, and intuitive

Passengers start their journey with the feeling of having already arrived

The new gaze detection system works together with the automaker's Intelligent Personal Assistant. There's a head-up display used to cover the whole front-end windshield, thus, posing as a huge reality screen that displays three modes:

  • Explore: focuses on the environment outside.
  • Entertain: for watching movies.
  • Ease: transforms the car's interior into a "place of calm and relaxation."


With the new technology, passengers will start their journey with the feeling of having already arrived


The gaze detection system will require the power of a 5G network to function

The Senior Vice President BMW Group Electronics, Christopher Grote, said,

We already have quite a long history with natural language understanding in the car at BMW and we have a best in class speech detection on the road today

With the iNext and BMW, natural interaction will hit a new level. The car will be able to analyze and combine your spoken commands, gestures and also your directional gaze. And that’s pretty much what humans do with one another when they communicate well. This also enables the car to much better understand what you want in a specific situation.

BMW presumes a 5G connectivity will be available to power the gaze detection system. The automaker also announced that the next BMW iNext will have 5G built-in to the car when it's revealed in 2021.

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