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Have you seen an electric car with a living plant on its roof? Audi has designed one to give you utmost relaxation. Check the Audi AL:ME concept car revealed in Shanghai Auto show this year!

Audi has revealed its latest concept car, the Audi AI:ME. It's an electric, autonomous compact car depicting Audi's vision of what an urban automotive car will look like in the future.

Unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai Auto show, the AI:ME is designed to be what is referred to as “third living space" as it has a living plant. The electric car is fully autonomous but there's a steering wheel too, that’ll let the user drive if the need arises.

In describing the compact vehicle, Audi says it's the "autonomous city car of the future".


The car is considered to set trends for future automobiles

The Audi AI:ME was created in a smaller body, with an interior its users will be delighted to spend time in.

Audi has this to say.

"The car is increasingly becoming a 'third living space' alongside our homes and workplaces.

It is thus only consistent that the Audi designers did not subordinate the interior of the Audi AI:ME to the shape of the body. On the contrary, they prioritised the interior and made it the core of the whole vehicle."

From what Naijauto.com gathered, the autonomous electric car is said to be 4.3 meters by 1.9 meters, making the interior to be larger for its size. The traditional engine of an Audi was replaced with an electric car to enable the brand to reorganize the car and design a much larger wheelbase. The front Axle is 2.77 meters apart from the rear Axle and the height is 1.52 meters.


Both materials and design of the car are eco-friendly

The inside of the AI:ME has been envisaged by Audi to give off a calm atmosphere when in the city. Something the brand called a "high-tech refuge during rush hour".

The concept car has its ambient lighting, temperature and seat positioning tailored to the driver when they step into the car. It’s also fitted with a noise compensation system to drown out the noises in the city.

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See what Audi designer, James Nissen said.

"We create a feel-good atmosphere by appealing to all of the users' senses"

Audi is incorporating living plants into the AI:ME concept car's roof.


The interior is kept to the minimalism

Here's how Nissen puts it.

We use climbing plants across the see-through roof to bring a bit of nature into the big city. Aside from that, they improve the air quality.

The car has been created in such a way that it can be driven in areas where autonomous cars are allowed and also in areas where it is driven. Audi calls it level-four autonomy.

When it's in areas that allow autonomous cars, the car will be reconfigured and the steering wheel converted into a table.

The autonomous car also came with magnetic cupholders, plate holders for eating and VR goggles for entertainment.


Living plants can develop on the car roof

On the outer part, the car features side doors that can be opened in opposite directions of the car, so users can easily access the car. Its headlights are innovative enough for communication of other road users.

The LED lights are properly placed on the car so they can be visible to pedestrians or motorcyclists.

Audi's exterior lighting designer, Micheal Horn, also has this to say.

"In the future, the lights should replace eye contact with the driver and let the car inform its surroundings about what it is doing

We can communicate in complex situations that, without the lights, would absolutely require eye contact with the driver."

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Audi is a German automaker car owned by Volkswagen. They are among the many brands that have been designing and developing electric vehicles. Audi was able to produce an all-electric car from a design that was used in a computer game called Gran Turismo.

The new Audi AI:ME concept car is worth having

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