5 Reasons why young offshore workers love the Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV


Posted by: Henry Egan

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Do you want to know why most young oil company workers rush to get a Mercedes Benz GLK SUV?. Then join us as we explore the reasons behind why young offshore workers love the Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV so much!

Virtually every young person in the country has their eyes firmly set on the oil and gas industry with everyone dreaming of working offshore, for very obvious reasons. You get to enjoy the food and also get to go home with such a fat paycheck after two weeks of dangerous work offshore the gulf of guinea. 

The fat paycheck means you can afford a certain level of luxury found only within a small class of people, that's why you just have to live-the-job-title. One way to do that is through the car you ride. You need to be cruising in a car that speaks loud for you, as an offshore worker. The pressure to perform is high and you have very little freedom to ignore the pressure, so you must somehow prove that working offshore pays, and that involves showing off a statement car.


The Allure of the Mercedes Brand is just too strong to overcome

To this end, a lot of young offshore workers spend big on big, flashy, and expensive cars, just to prove the point. As a result, some go for the Mercedes-Benz brand for obvious reasons. This article will try to explore why offshore workers love the Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV as their statement car in this race to prove a point.

Why young Offshore workers love the Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV

1. Aesthetics

If you've seen a black Mercedes-Benz GLK drive by, you will surely understand why most young offshore workers will rather spend their last kobo on it.

The GLK SUV reeks of Characters and Attitude, the perfect combination for a Boss car that leaves behind everything to imagine the moment it breezes pass with her eye-catching angles and sharp contours.

The Mercedes-Benz GLK portrays a strong character, an axiom most offshore workers are looking for when choosing their favourite cars. The car's signature visual and physical appearance, especially its crazily fierce Mercedes-Benz headlights, makes sure you can never go unnoticed, regardless of the traffic volume whenever you make an entry.

When you look inside a GLK, the interior design and decor just give you this kind of peace only a GLK SUV supplies. Aside from that, the interior is a perfect combination of tough and sweet, hard and soft, elegant and proud. All in one car. You're just the boss with this ride.

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The interior of the GLK is a perfect mix of elegance and pride

Considering all these, our fat pocket offshore guys can't afford to look away the moment they set eyes on a fresh looking Mercedes-Benz GLK, be it the GLK 250 or the GLK 350 model.


The Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV reeks of Characters and Attitude


You're just the boss with this ride

2. The Allure of the Mercedes-Benz Brand

In Nigeria, owning a Mercedes-Benz is such a big deal, and the allure of the Mercedes-Benz brand is just too strong for these young agile guys to suppress and overlook, as everyone wants to make sure their garage is graced by at least one Mercedes-Benz ride every other time they look in there.

To top it off, the allure of the GLK SUV is such a heavy shroud that blinds out every other auto brand and leaves the Mercedes-Benz as the only option...Lol.

So the next time you see a Mercedes-Benz GLK cruise by, your guess that it's owned by one offshore worker may not be too far from accurate. But don't be too sure as a whole lot of guys, especially Yahoo Boys, crave for this Mercedes-Benz SUV brand too...Lol.

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3. Mechanical integrity

When you hear Mercedes-Benz, what comes to mind is most likely mechanical reliability and you are absolutely on point. Mercedes-Benz prides itself as a brand that builds the most mechanically solid cars around, an assertion that is as close to the truth as the nose is close to the mouth. 

The brand scores high marks when it comes to mechanical quality and reliability.

The J.D. Power Initial Quality Study for 2020 which is an industry benchmark for scoring new cars for quality by analyzing the number of problems experienced per 100 new cars shows the Mercedes-Benz ranks in the top 30 with only 202 issues reported in every 100 cars. That translates to about 2 defects, design flaws, or malfunctions reported per car covering every aspect of the car from infotainment to engine.

To add to this, the Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV has been a reliability champion with the 2013 and 2015 models of the SUV taking home the prestigious J.D. Power Quality and Reliability Awards, respectively.

More so, If you own a Mercedes-Benz ride you will likely visit the mechanic a lot less than with other car brands, with experience showing how mechanically solid Benzes are. No one loves getting stranded and embarrassed by a faulty car. Our young offshore guys will definitely not want to experience that inconvenience.

So to keep their status, these young hot blooded guys will rather spend big on the Benz GLK just to avoid all the issues that come with driving cheaper cars that will stress you like a demon.

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4. Impressive Performance and a Solid V6

Mercedes-Benz offered the GLK with two engine options, a V6 petrol-powered engine (delivering between 211 hp and 306hp, depending on the model), and an In-line 4 cylinder engine that delivers between 203hp and 265 hp, depending on the engine technology.

Both engine options deliver some of the best Mercedes-Benz SUV performances, with the V6 offering an instant punchiness and very obvious metallic growl when accelerating from rest. That unique growl is what these young guys don't joke with and hey the GLK can be very quiet too, just make your sound. 

Check out this video of the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 conquering tough terrains. Please forgive the language:

Video: Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013 Review & Test Drive with Emme Hall by RoadflyTV

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5. Safety and Technology

Whenever safety and technology innovation are mentioned in the automobile industry, the German brand finds its way to the top of the pile. In fact, Mercedes-Benz has been credited with introducing over 6 vehicle safety features, including

  • Surround-view system in 2012
  • Night view assist in 2005
  • Side curtain airbags in 1998
  • Automatic child-seat recognition in 1997
  • Electronic traction control in 1985
  • Antilock Braking System (ABS) in 1978
  • The crumple zone in 1951

Also present in the Mercedes-Benz Safety Storehouse are the Adaptive Braking Technology which is a complete suite of intelligent safety braking features, the Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist, Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist, the Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC and Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE System.

All these make it a lot clearer as to why these young guys would rather spend big on the Mercedes-Benz GLK even though production of this SUV was stopped way back in. Remember, the richer you get, the more Safety becomes important to you, so our offshore guys will always go for a car that offers the highest level of safety which is especially obvious in every model from the German car brand.


So you see why our young offshore workers love the Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV. The features and specifications of these SUV models are what every penny, not that the price is really a problem for them though.

However, we will still present a detailed price review of the Mercedes-Benz GLK in a later article, make sure to always check out our Review page for the latest.

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