7 worst Honda cars sold in Nigeria; this is more than ball joint problems


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Honda cars have been known to have issues in Nigeria due to their "ball joint" issues. We have the 5 worst Honda cars here today. Read on to discover.

You know deep down in your heart that Honda makes great cars that just fail to be properly maintained in Nigeria. This gives room for that unreliability stamp that a lot of Honda cars in Nigeria have.


This is the first thing you hear about Honda cars

The Honda models before the year 2012, unlike Toyota cars, were not designed with places like Nigeria and its bad road condition in mind and this gave a lot of unreliability issues to their suspension and steering setup. The most popular of these issues is Honda cars' ball joint problem which has been reduced now anyway due to new models being released with better ball joint assembly. 


Honda has those striking designs you can't pretend to not notice

We would be talking about the 5 worst Honda cars sold in Nigeria; this is more than ball joint problems. Like we said, the problems with Honda cars on this list go beyond the steering overturning trust us. We are talking about Honda cars that failed to carry out their functions and the ones that just don't just feel like a Honda car we all know. 

What should a Honda car feel like?

A Honda car should have a sleek exterior design and should drive agile on the road. Honda cars should also be very reliable under due diligence of correct Honda maintenance culture in Nigeria
Honda cars should be affordable to buy, own and maintain. Meaning they should have a very good fuel economy.

Lastly, Honda makes better-looking interiors than Toyota cars but not upscale like a Mercedes or a Range Rover.

What are the 5 worst Honda cars out there today?

1. 2011 HONDA CR-Z 

Honda has those striking designs you can't pretend to not notice

Bet you have hardly noticed this car in Nigeria

Remember the Honda CR-X? That sporty 2-door Honda car comes with a large portion of glass over the roof. The CR-Z was the follow up on that but it received a poor response from the market due to the inefficiency in many areas like the air conditioning not performing well in hot weather and a very inefficient engine.

When you drive this car in the economy mode, it drives more slowly than a trailer carrying 8 containers. There is no point having a small car that drives slow so a lot of Nigerians do not even pay attention to this car. 


The Honda Accord is one car that literally went viral because of how it looked sporty and fun to drive. The E.O.D on its own had issues with the suspension and drive train because of the poor maintenance culture that a lot of us have in Nigeria.


Did you know there was the Hybrid version?

In 2005, Honda introduced the Accord in a Hybrid trim alongside the Insight and Hybrid. The HEV was launched and it featured Honda's iVTEC technology.

The reason the car is on the list of worst Honda cars ever made was that it experienced multiple transmission failure glitches since it was launched. Things got worse when owners of the 2005 Hybrid Honda Accord were billed heavily for repairs.


The end of discussion still looks nice till today

Honda later rectified the Honda Accord but buyers did not want the idea of the Accord being Hybrid. If you want to buy the Honda Accord Hybrid for the End of Discussion model then you should go for the 2006 and 2007 model.


The Isuzu Rodeo, an SUV by Isuzu from the late 90s was badge-engineered to become the first-generation Honda Passport that we all know today. The Passport was a joint venture between Honda and Isuzu to sell in the USA and beyond. Both cars were popular in Nigeria but the car didn't last long at all. 


The Honda SUV our uncles and fathers love

The biggest issues with the Honda Passport was lack of cup holders, back tire placement, fuel mileage, and interment wipers.


Honda Passport doesn't interest Nigerian mechanics when it comes to repairs

The car also experienced scarcity in parts because the model did not reign for long.

4. 2011 Honda Element 

The Honda Element is that boxy design Honda that a lot of Nigerian women like, thanks to its weird design and large interior space. This car actually did well when it first came out but with time the sales dropped drastically because all the problems that came with the car came to the awareness of everyone.


The one Honda car we can say Nigerian women love


A bed in an element; impressive interior room

What are these problems that came with owning the Honda Element, we would tell you all of it.

  • The boxy design came with a lot of road noise against the window because of the high windows, which is very uncomfortable for drivers.

  • There was a big issue with passengers entering and leaving the car because of the door design that allowed rear seat passengers to go out through the drivers' side most times.


The suicide doors on Honda Element gave passengers issues

  • The Honda Element also has tyre alignment issues that caused a lot of wear and tear to the tyres and also affects the suspension eventually.

  • There were also brake and engine issues with the Honda Element.

A lot of problems just came with the Honda Element for it to be considered one of the worst cars ever made by Honda. 

5. Honda Accord 2008 

The 2008 Honda Accord was a very good car aesthetically but the engine didn't do well ageing on its own. There was a loud rattling noise at a cold start that was usually caused by a faulty sensor.


The Evil spirit that has some evil problems 

Also, owners have to monitor the driving shaft from time to time to prevent an annoying noise from the area of the front wheel.

  • The rear brake callipers may seize or leak, which is the little secret here, guys. A low brake fluid warning light is one of the indications of a leaking brake calliper.
  • There is also a problem with excessive oil consumption that requires owners to regularly check the oil level prematurely.
  • The V6 engine also experienced smoking issues at over 120,000 miles that lead to mechanics telling owners to buy a half engine or ring engine, which costs a lot and takes time.

It is best to buy the 2009 model and over till 2012 model for the Honda Accord evil spirit.  


We have just shown you the 5 worst Honda cars sold in Nigeria that failed to meet the Honda standards we are already used to. You can learn about the best things on Honda cars by reading reviews on our car review section.

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