Why the beautiful CLA is the worst Mercedes-Benz you can buy in Nigeria


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The Mercedes-Benz CLA is one of the best looking Mercedes-Benz cars out there but it is the worst you can buy.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Class is one of the best looking Mercedes-Benz cars ever made. This car was built to be a car for anyone and every one just the way the Corolla is to Toyota.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA then became a very successful sub-compact entry-level luxury car sales-wise. The high sales also reflect in the Nigerian car market. The CLA is the most common Mercedes-Benz 4 door Coupe in Nigeria.


Here is the CLA in all its glory 

However, the worst Mercedes-Benz you can buy in Nigeria is the CLA.  I thought deep on the idea behind the creation of the CLA Class in 2013 by Mercedes-Benz, it was easy to conclude that it was inspired by peer pressure from Japanese brands like the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic which is not a bad reason at all.

I have come up with reasons why the CLA is the beautiful worst Mercedes-Benz you can buy in Nigeria. Mind my language. It is not the worst car, it is just the worst in the Mercedes-Benz line-up of luxury cars based on the reputation and standards that Mercedes-Benz has set in the automotive industry over the years.

7 reasons why the CLA is the worst Mercedes-Benz you can buy 

1. It is a front-wheel-drive 

The Mercedes-Benz DNA is either a rear-wheel drive or the Benz 4matic system all-wheel drive. A Benz with a front-wheel-drive just feels so odd. This means the handling of the car will be very poor compared to the regular Benz standard. Thankfully, the CLA has a 4Matic option.


A Benz running on front-wheel is weird

A front-wheel-drive car cannot be driven aggressively around corners like a rear-wheel-drive car so this means CLAs with front-wheel drive has no score as a 'fun to drive' car and this is not the true identity of a Mercedes-Benz car.

2. It feels underpowered

It uses a standard 2.0 litre inline 4 cylinder engine that feels underpowered for a car that appears this sporty. Producing just 208 hp and I keep asking myself, is the CLA  a Mercedes-Benz Coupe at all ?. 

Thankfully, AMG came to save this car with the CLA45 variant that produces a whopping 355hp and places the CLA up there in the stars with other 4 door Coupes in the market.


Here is the 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG, a real performance car with its 4matic

The CLA45 drivetrain matches up properly with its looks. A turbocharged 2.0-litre engine and a lot of performance parts form a synergy and make the car a true Mercedes-Benz show car.

3. The bonnet stand is a disgrace

This is a very small issue but it needs to be addressed. The CLA bonnet doesn't hold itself up like every other Mercedes-Benz car out there. 


Who knew a time like this would come for Mercedes-Benz?

The CLA feels cheap from the bonnet because it uses the same type of stand you find in Hondas and Toyotas. The one where you key in a metal rod into a hole on the bonnet. This is not acceptable for a Mercedes. 

4.The interior lacks the standard Benz quality

From the interior material selection, you can tell that Mercedes-Benz cut corners on this car just to make it cheap so that it can compete with Japanese sub-compact executive cars in the market.


The CLA's interior is beautiful but it lacks the standard Benz quality

A true Mercedes-Benz car is supposed to scream luxury from its interior material selection with high-quality materials places all around. The CLA just has rockhard materials with beautiful colours placed in the lower parts of the car that you would normally not come in contact with. They don't want you to notice this flaw.

You see the dashboard and other interior parts then think it is high quality but when you feel it with hands, you get to know that it is just the same grade of comfort you get from regular Japanese executive cars we have in the market today.

You will even see gaps between the doormat and the b pillar on all four doors.


Who knew a time like this would come for Mercedes-Benz?

This is unacceptable for any Mercedes-Benz.

5. Seats are not as comfortable as it should be 

The design of the seats is perfect, it is shaped like a sports seat but the comfort is just not right for a Mercedes-Benz car. Older people will have issues finding comfort in these seats. It cannot be driven on long-distance trips because it was not built for road trips.

Some trims of this car even have passenger seats that have manual controls for adjustment.


Can you see this 2008 Toyota type of seat control in a Benz?

At this point, it seems like Mercedes-Benz was directly competing for the best Japanese German-made sub-compact executive car. 

6. Rear seat is cramped

The rear seat compartment is very small and there is little space for 3 people to comfortably seat in but I tally understand this.


Looks very luxurious but in real life uncomfortable

It is not a sedan, it is a sub-compact car but because it is a Mercedes-Benz, I expected some magic to happen with the comfort at the rear.

7. Rear Visibility is very bad 

Not only does the shape of the CLA affect how you see from the rearview mirrors. The headrest also blocks your line of view when using the rearview mirror.

What then does the Mercedes-Benz CLA stand for?

The CLA is that one car that Mercedes-Benz cut corners for based on build quality. The principles used in designing the Mercedes-Benz CLA was not from the Mercedes standard over the years. It was from regular cars that are selling the most across the world.


The Old CLA (up) VS The New CLA (down)

The CLA is a cheap Mercedes-Benz car that puts you in the Benz gang of Nigeria but you just never get to enjoy the full potential of a Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria and this might give you a wrong impression about the Mercedes brand once your CLA starts to disappoint you based on build quality.

Price of the Mercedes-Benz CLA in Nigeria 

Price of Foreign used Mercedes-Benz CLA in Nigeria
 Year Model Price in Naira 
2013 - 2015 ₦8,000,000 - ₦12,000,000
2016-2017 ₦9,500,000 - ₦14,000,000
2018- 2019 ₦16,000,000 - ₦20,000,000
2020 ₦18,000,000 - ₦26,000,000


Price of locally used Mercedes-Benz CLA in Nigeria
 Year Model Price in Naira 
2013 - 2015 ₦5,500,000 - ₦9,000,000
2016-2017 ₦7,500,000 - ₦11,000,000
2018 - 2019 ₦13,500,000 - ₦16,000,000
2020 Not available 

The prices of the Mercedes-Benz CLA has a foul play in it. This car is supposed to be very cheap but because car dealers understand the love Nigerians have for Mercedes-Benz cars, they make the market prices of the CLA models higher than it should be.

If you are doubting all I have said, watch this video of the CLA exposed to have a stronger visual experience of what I said :

Mercedes Benz CLA exposed!!!


If you are looking to buy an affordable and beautifully crafted Mercedes-Benz car, then the CLA is your best bet. If you are not a Mercedes-Benz purist then you will have no problems finding your way around in the car.

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