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Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Checking multiple automotive reviews on any product or brand before purchase is one of the smartest ideas. Click here to see why it is important!

The world is already a global village and it gets easier with just some minutes on your Internet enabled mobile phones or any other device you might possess. More often than none, product review has always been an integral part of any automotive industry. When cars are bought by people across the globe, they intend to personalize the cars to themselves right after dropping the cash with the auto dealer. People are critical now as they pay more attention not only to the Car Reviews but reviews on products such as custom light packages, rooftop carrier or even the stereos.

Though most people are accustomed to Internet as the most popular source of automotive reviews, there are several other ways you can get this info such as magazine or even among friends and colleagues who use similar model.

For example, Consumer Report gives us a thorough assessment whether the products actually live up to their claims and expectations. There are also the presence of many smaller auto blogs that run tests on automotive products and general vehicles’ review. Many at times, people who use specific brand can start their own blogs to do a review on items pertaining to that brand. So, if you own a Toyota car, you can decide to open a blog that does review on anything concerning Toyota products.


Automotive online ratings and reviews could prove sufficient on how people really feel about the product

You might wonder why some people could go as far as registering their websites and start blogging about different automotive products. It is not a bad idea after all. It is innate in us to always want to know more and share more to other readers. Here are some of the reasons why you should refer to Car Reviews often on Naijauto.

1. Reviews keep the automakers truthful

One thing you should know is that no manufacturer wants to see its clients dissatisfied with their products. We cannot rule out that some of these manufacturers come out with untrue claims. Reviews have always been a check on this and could be capable of making some of these ridiculous claims obsolete. So, when any automaker claims its products have features or ability to withstand some tough challenges enough to seduce you, you would be able to decipher or separate the truth from lies easily with reviews.


Checking multiple reviews could help you in finding out whether SUV is the real deal for you

Reviews open up reality on exaggerated claims and flaws with the products. When these shortcomings are shared via various platforms, it destroys the pedigree of the company and put its reputation under serious scrutiny.

2. They give different perspectives

We all know we see things differently depending on our taste, knowledge and preference. There are few things you might not notice or deliberately overlook in the car you are eyeing that would piss another buyer off from buying the car. More often, when a feature in a product is not showcased at its debut, it might sweep another reviewer off his or her feet. Sometimes, even the automakers might not really see this feature as big deal. That's why it is highly recommended and beneficial to see many reviews on a particular product.

Obviously, this is to manage all possible blind spots and remove any form of sentiment. Because of this, many manufacturers are interested in giving out their products for free or at discounted fee just to get clear and honest reviews about their products. This would help them improve and win over more people to patronize their products. In a nutshell, this implies both parties will benefit from product reviews.

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3. Reviews help to identify unusual application

There is no perfection in automotive production. Every manufacturer strives to be close to that perfection. It is very difficult to anticipate everything as an automaker.

When a product finds its way into the market; buyers will always a devise a new way to make use of it beyond what the manufacturer thought it could be capable of. Take a look at winches, which were usually mounted on the front of the vehicles in 4-wheel versions! These devices could be used to pull out others found stuck, for retrieval and self-rescue. When ATV became popular among people, they were mounted on as well.

In reality, people found a way to mount the winches to the side of the vehicle, even to the rear and made it possible for the mounted winches to be relocated if the need arose. This made it possible for better application and more rescue type scenarios coupled with other functions. Manufacturers learnt from this and began production on making the mount comply with these usages.


It might have been tested by some people who are willing to share the flaws and strength with you

This began in 4WD forums with product reviews and new applications being designed by various users. The above mentioned point is just one of the importance of reviews for both the user experience and the automakers improvement.

4. They mostly offer real-world tests

Thinking of buying sedan or SUV? Planning on going for a long trip? These are some of the questions that might be pondering right within you on choosing the best car for your short and long term goals. You might also consider the value you will get by spending that much on a car. You might not really get this info from the auto dealer or even the company’s website. When you take a look at reviews, they would provide sufficient clarification for you on that.

When these cars are tested in real life especially those claims that they can move over any rough terrain, you might need to read the views of people that have bought and tested these products on real life situations. You cannot overly rely on lab testing.

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5. Reviews can identify places or issues to correct

Reviews will give you what you need to know outside the flaws or strength. These sometimes are things or issues that might come up while using the cars and how you can easily find simple fix to them. These reviews would be useful for present and future updates. This can also shoot up people’s trust in a particular brand especially when the company swiftly corrects those anomalies in their products.

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If you are someone who loves writing reviews about a product or you only read them before buying a car, you would agree that automotive reviews are very important and help people in making the smartest choice when making purchase. Reviews open the horizon and provide you options in functions and performances.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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