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Too many times, new car buyers have often asked the question: Why do Nigerians love Toyota cars? This article reveals the secret in great detail.

If you do a quick survey right now, don't be surprised that every 2 of 5 vehicles on Nigerian roads today is a Toyota product. Yes, the Toyota brand accounts for the highest number of cars on Nigerian road and many people have wondered what strategy Toyota employs to retain such dominancy year after year. Several Auto market reports claim that Toyota accounts for almost all of the cars imported into the country. Their secret is not far-fetched and in this article, we will be revealing the major reasons why Nigerians love Toyota cars. Also, you will discover that Toyota cars perfectly match the various environmental and economical conditions of Nigeria.


2019 Toyota C-HR looks exemplary

1. Why do Nigerians love Toyota cars?

Ever since Toyota’s inception into the Nigerian auto market in 1965, the Japanese auto brand has consistently produced high-quality and durable cars that fit the Nigerian ecosystem and road. Below is a highlight of the several reasons why Nigerians love Toyota cars:

  • Toyota User-friendly Technology

The technologies used in designing Toyota car models are very simple and efficient. Many Auto Engineers & mechanics, even in Nigeria often say that Toyota vehicles are easy to comprehend and fix. This simply makes repair and maintenance work very easy as well as requires little technical know-how. Basically, Toyota's technology is easier to handle and Nigerian auto mechanics have been able to build an arsenal of knowledge and experience fixing Toyota cars over the years.


Interior view of the 2022 Toyota Camry

  • Economical and Pocket friendly

Even though Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa, sadly, its economical status has never reflected such a "giant" nature. This harsh condition has led many Nigerians to always find cheap alternatives to products. And this is exactly where Toyota comes in.

Normally, when you compare Toyota vehicles to German giants like Mercedes and BMW, Toyota is a "dwarf" in quality. However, what Toyota lacks in quality, it makes up for it in terms of durability and reliability. Oh yes, Toyota cars are affordable, and there is usually a Toyota car model for every societal class of Nigerians – the Elites, the High Net worth individuals, the High class or the Lower class.

A low-income earner can purchase a Toyota vehicle without denting his pocket too much, although it might just be a foreign used (Tokunbo) car. This fact is the reason why every Nigerian individual who earns a decent income could easily own a Toyota car. Apart from being pocket-friendly, Toyota cars are also known to be economical in terms of gas usage and maintenance. This attribute has made it to be a preferred choice of ride-hailing services in Nigeria such as Uber and Bolt. Toyota cars have a healthy fuel consumption, availability of spare parts and low cost of maintenance.

  • Variety of Options to Choose From

Another reason why Nigerians largely choose the Toyota brand is that there is plenty to choose from. From Sedans to Crossovers, SUVs, Trucks, Minivans and Hatchbacks, there is something for everyone. While the Corolla is the most driven Toyota car in Nigeria, there are other Toyota brands that are conversant with Nigerian roads. Some of the other common Toyota brands in Nigeria include the Highlander, Camry, Prado, Land Cruiser, RAV4, Avensis, Yaris, Tacoma, Tundra, and a whole bunch of others.


Flag runners of Toyota Hilux and Toyota Camry

There are picks for Luxurious and Classy individuals, as well as for Middle class and low-income earners. Toyota has cars that fit into the corporate world, as well as sporty cars for those that choose to go for looks. However, if you want the reliability that Toyota cars are famed for and also want a sporty or eye-catching look, then consider going for Toyota's cousin, Lexus. Yes, you will easily find your choice among some of the popular Lexus cars for sale in Nigeria listed on our website.

Meanwhile, check out this video below to see a comparison between the Toyota RAV4 and Lexus NX models.

Choosing between a Lexus NX or Toyota Rav4 for Nigerian use; This or That EP 1

  • Durability, Reliability and Ruggedness

All over the world, Toyota is known as a synonym for the word, Reliability. It has been their cutting-edge factor and what Toyota cars symbolize. The Japanese brand prioritizes and implements Total Quality Management, Powertrain and Drivetrain durability. While other car manufacturers often pride themselves on cutting-edge technology, Toyota takes its time in adopting new technology and gadget, often playing safe and ensuring it can safely guarantee its use before adoption. Also, Toyota cars tend to last if properly maintained, and is possible to achieve 400K in mileage and even more without an engine rebuild.

How is this possible? Well, this is due to the fact that Toyota prioritizes quality over luxury. Toyota implemented the Kaizen element, which means continuous improvements. Toyota's mantra is to continually improve on a tech till they become a master of it. This reason has made a lot of Toyota cars possess a high resale value and why you will see a 2003 Toyota model working perfectly in 2022.


Toyota trucks are excellent offroaders (2022 Toyota Tundra)

  • Easy to Maintain and Use

Toyota spare parts are easy to find since Toyota has partnered with engineering manufacturing firms in Nigeria. This has helped a lot as mechanics and automobile engineers can easily work on a Toyota model without stress or experiencing technical difficulty. Their simple design helps mechanics to easily proffer solutions to car owners.

  • Good Resale Value

Like Land, like Gold, Toyota vehicles appreciate in price. This means Toyota cars are a good buy and could also serve as an investment. Toyota cars sell six times as fast as any other brand. Also, most car dealers and buyers opt for the Toyota brand as their preferred choice because there is a readymade market for any Toyota car

  • Usage factor

Toyota cars' manoeuvrability is top-notch and their cars come with industry-standard safety features at an affordable cost. It is even more structurally sound when you buy a Tokunbo (Foreign Used) and can survive hard crashes as when you buy a new one. Their longevity is really impressive.


The first model of the Toyota Corolla to be introduced in Nigeria

  • Built with Nigeria and Nigerians in Mind

Unlike other car brands that are too sophisticated for Nigerian roads, Toyota cars come with sophistication and quality with a good deal of ruggedness which helps their durability. Over the years, Toyota cars have proven to match the roughness of Nigerian roads with their ruggedness and reliability. Using the 2007 Camry for illustrations, some features and specifications the Camry posses make it perfect for use in Nigeria. This car is a comfortable sedan that can accommodate five people, conserve fuel and has an incredible engine performance too. The Horsepower is pegged at 147 and it has four-wheel disc brakes, automatic transmission as well as a 2.4-Liter Inline 4 or V6 engine, depending on the trim. As a Nigerian living in a city like Lagos with daily road traffic and bad road condition, you will consider this car very valuable

See a brief highlight of the Toyota Camry below.

Is this Toyota Camry still the best Car for Nigeria?

2. Most Popular Toyota Car Model in Nigeria

The relationship between Nigerians and the Toyota brand dates back to 1965, and since the advent of Toyota vehicles in Nigeria, the 2002 – 2006 Toyota Corolla has been the most sought after. The Toyota Corolla is a mid-sized sedan very common on Nigerian roads. But, why the Toyota Corolla? Well, keep reading as we reveal the reasons for the popularity of the Toyota Corolla


Nigeria's most popular car model, the Toyota Corolla

  1. The number 1 reason why the Toyota Corolla is the most preferred is because of its infamous fuel economy and cheap maintenance. In a country where the price of fuel keeps rising, it is only proper for the citizens to consider fuel consumption when seeking to buy a car. The Toyota Corolla's low fuel consumption is a great selling point and this is because the car is fitted with either a 1.4-L or a 1.8-L Inline-four engine across all trim except the sportier trims which comes with bigger engines.
  2. It is a rugged and durable car model that is specially built to withstand rigorous driving conditions and terrains, such as Nigerian roads.
  3. Great resale value and availability of spare parts. The Toyota Corolla can be easily resold even after years of using it and its spare parts are readily available and affordable when compared to other brands
  4. The Toyota Corolla is easy to maintain and repair. It cost little or nothing to maintain apart from the regular periodic servicing and it also cost very little to keep it running on the road.

3. Toyota car prices in Nigeria 2022

Toyota cars are really not expensive, despite the reliability and luxury their various product offers. Truth is, there is a Toyota car for every budget. Depending on the model and the year, the price ranges from ₦2Million to ₦25Million for Foreign Used Sedans and their luxury SUV counterpart. Having said that, you can check here on our website Naijauto to see a huge listing of Toyota Cars for sale in Nigeria.

4. Differing opinions on Toyota's domination of the Nigerian Market

An alternate reason why the Toyota brand is mainstream in Nigerian Auto Market is that the country does not have many ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Qualified Mechanics and Car Technicians. Most of our mechanics are not up to date on the current trends in the automobile industry. It is for this reason to avoid stress and cost of maintenance that most Nigerian car owners choose Toyota as their preferred choice.

While most Nigerians will never choose Toyota over German or American Automakers in terms of luxury and driving pleasure, Toyota is the brand that can withstand all roads and weather conditions without failing. This is more reason why there is a gold rush for Toyota cars and it is common to see dealerships stocking only Toyota cars.

Will Nigerians still choose the Toyota even in Saner Climes? The majority answer will be No. Nigerians love Speed, Class, Luxury and Up-to-date Tech. However, if you are like the minority Nigerians that prefer luxury over reliability, you can check the prices of Mercedes Benz for sale in Nigeria as listed on our website here. 

5. Conclusion

The longevity of Toyota cars is unparallel. The Japanese brand also has a good reputation for reliability and better fuel economy. This is not to even mention that the Toyota brand is now getting better with their car designs and technology as well. All of these points we have discussed above sum up the reasons why Nigerians love Toyota cars a lot. However, the reign of Toyota cars in the Nigerian market is gradually dimming with strong competition from automakers such as KIA and GAC whose footprint is gaining momentum by the day.

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