FUN FACT: What the colour of your car says about you in Nigeria


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Did you know that car colours should also be considered when buying a new car? Check out what the colour of your car says about you in Nigeria!

Nigeria is one of those countries where your car is mostly used to evaluate you in so many ways. Believe it or not, your vehicle alone is enough for some people to easily create a stereotypical perception of you that 9 out of 10 other people will believe as well. How do you think some Nigerian policemen often accurately differentiate between cars owned by rich young boys and those owned by older men?

It goes beyond just looking at the model or type of car you drive, keep in mind today that the colour of your car also says a lot about you in Nigeria. What the colour of your car says about you would be part of the most important things you need to know as an aspiring car owner. This is the reason we have put together this article to reveal some fun facts as regards what the colour of your car says about you in Nigeria. So, let's get into it. 

1. Red Cars

Red coloured cars in Nigeria often translates to mean that an owner is a proud person. Wait, you read that the wrong way. Being proud is not always a bad thing especially when you are just very happy about buying a car. The red colour is basically considered as "LOUD" because you cannot hide it. It usually signifies that you are very proud of your car and you want everybody to see it.


Nigerians will say red-coloured cars are "shouting"

Anybody that drives a red-coloured car would be very mad when you bash their cars. You don't mess with owners of red cars in Nigeria. Please do not try it. Red cars are also most likely to be stopped by Nigerian policemen at checkpoints on the road. They would assume it is one of the richest Nigerian big boys coming at them.

2. Dark Colored Cars 

Dark coloured cars can come in shades of black, dark blue, dark green and some other colours but one thing is constant about the owners of these cars. They are lowkey people that just want to drive their cars unnoticed on the road. I am not saying they are not proud of their cars, but they just don't want you to notice them among other vehicles on the road.

This is why a lot of company/official cars in Nigeria come in dark colours. Imagine buying the most expensive luxury car and just keeping it in black; it can only be a lowkey owner that doesn't want you to have an opinion about his/her source of wealth.


A Black Highlander looks really good

3. Pink/Purple/Orange Cars 

Anybody that drives a Pink, Purple or Orange-colored car in Nigeria is definitely into the show business or wishes to show off every time they go out. No matter the brand or year model of the car, it will turn heads everywhere you go and you are likely to be asked many questions when you park in public places.


She is not just showing off her car here, the bags are also being promoted

You also know for a fact that you cannot slip through any police checkpoint without getting detained by our "Black on Black" compulsory friends on Nigerian road. If you are trying to promote a business in Nigeria and you want to use your car as a medium for promo, you can paint it Orange, Purple or Pink. 

4. Matte Colour Cars 

People that drive cars with a Matte colour are usually car lovers that want to stand out from the pack. Matte-coloured cars can be of any colour shade and they just always appear cool when properly maintained. 


This Matte Green CLA will definitely appeal to car lovers

5. Ash/Silver/Grey/Brown colour cars

Except if the car itself is a high-end luxury or special looking car, people with these subtle car colours are often the "regular joe". They just want to drive and not be disturbed. People like this are also very careful on the road because any small scratch becomes very obvious on their cars.


Pretty looking Ash Colored Benzo 

What Car Colours mean according to the Nigerian Government

1. Green Car/Camo 

You would have noticed that there are not a lot of Army Green cars around. The reason is, this colour is specially dedicated to the Nigerian Military forces. In 2018, a popular Lagos socialite; Rahman Jago had his Mercedes-Benz CLS wrapped in camo colour. The Nigerian Military seized this car and ordered the wrap must be taken off. Army green colour is one car paint you don't want to have on your car in Nigeria if you don't belong in the Military.


Na Soldier dey use Army green cars oo

2. Sky Blue and White  

Sky Blue cars belong to the Airforce Military parastatal in Nigeria. You would have seen a lot of Peugeot and BMW cars with the Sky blue colour in Nigeria.


Blue Airforce Car in Nigeria

3. Yellow and Black Cars 

The yellow and black colour paint scheme in Nigeria is reserved for the V.I.O of Nigeria. 

4. Red and White 

Red and white cars belong to officials of the Fire fighting service. When you see them on the road, please make way for them because they could be on an official assignment of saving someone's life. You don't want to block that from happening.


Fire Fire Fire; always give way for cars painted in Red and White combo


When next you are looking to buy a car or paint your old vehicle; ensure to consider how you want to be viewed/addressed by the general public. That is if you are someone who cares about what people think of you. In any case, we have told you all the major fun facts as regards What the colour of your car says about you in Nigeria.

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